2007 and 2008

Oct 2007


How nice to hear from you I hope your move is a positive thing and things are going well with you family. Anyway we are very happy with Kaylee (Boo) she is sooooooooooo funny and playful, (I knew by those puppy pictures and them eyebrows she was going to be a trip) I swear that her goal in life is to just have us play with her all day long, she has a basket full of toys but loves her footballs she also likes chasing golf balls and volleyballs.

Attached are some pictures I have so many. Keep in touch I hope everyone else that got their Keeshonds from you are loving them like we do.


Brownstown, MI

Dec 2007

We got a keeshond from Jodi last Dec. 15th 2007. Hudson will be a year old on Oct. 22nd and we absolutely love him! Hudson was from a litter of 7 puppies. She made sure that they were going to very good homes.

When my husband, Doug, went to look at Jodi's puppies, they were clean and healthy. We were able to see his mother and father. You could tell that Jodi loved her dogs. They were very well taken care of and were kept in a clean environment.

When we picked Hudson out he was still too little to come home with us. Jodi sent us weekly pictures of him until we could come back to get him. When we arrived to pick up Hudson, she had his papers, food, vaccinations, etc. all ready to go.

We had him checked out by our veterinarian after we got him home and he was a healthy puppy! She has kept in touch with us and has asked how Hudson was doing. She truly cares about her dogs.

I would highly recommended Jodi and her keeshonds. We absolutely love and spoil our dog Hudson. If we would ever want another keeshond, we would call Jodi!

Doug and Sharon

Newburg, IN

OCT 2007

Dear Jodi,

While I happen to think this is the best breed in the world, I also think Chaco is pretty special-and a lot of the credit goes to you and your care during his first weeks. When we came to visit weeks before he could be separated from his mother, it was obvious he had been exposed to people and had already formed an opinion that people were pluses in his life. When my daughter put him down, he sat at her feet and stared up at her, as if wondering why she'd stopped holding him. He hasn't changed that much since then!

He's happiest surrounded by people, and when I'm not on the road, he goes to work with me and snuggles under the desk. So, while he very much wants to be part of our lives, he's willing to integrate into whatever is going on at the time.

Thank you so much for your early investment in Chaco-and thank you so much for allowing us to adopt him. He is much loved!

Laura Bloomington, IL

OCT 2007

Hey Jodi,

Sending some pictures of Koko and an update. She's been a wonderful dog. She has a black lab on one side of our house (who comes over and cries at the window until we let Koko out to play with her) and also a golden lab on the other side of house that she plays with. We also have a cat and they get along and Koko actually will chase off the ''mean'' cat in the neighborhood that tries to start fights with our cat. I have a nephew that is 4 and Koko has played with him since we first brought her home and he has never received a scratch. We recently took her to a family picnic with over 60 people and she got along with everybody as we let her run free. She has a basket of different types of toys she plays with and recently, we bought a soft Frisbee and she loves it. Turning in to a Frisbee dog!

Hope all is well and will keep in touch.

Chris & Charlotte Brownsburg, TN

May 2008

Jodi was absolutely fabulous! This was the first dog for my husband and I and Jodi was so helpful and informative. The puppy we got from her is just wonderful and so smart. She was always so quick to respond to my questions and so kind in always forwarding me information I had not even thought of asking about. Working with Jodi on the transaction was seamless and it was obvious she took great care of the pup both during the time raising it as well as the extra care of having him shipped to us (we had him shipped to California). She was also very concerned and caring, checking up with me after delivery to make sure everything went smoothly, wanting us to share pictures of him during his development (which reminds me, I need to send her a new one to show how quickly he’s growing). I would absolutely recommend Jodi and her quality of Kees. We are thinking about getting a second dog now and if we do, would without a doubt go to Jodi for another Keeshond puppy from her.

Corena Windsor, Ca

NOV 2008

I would recommend Jodi and her Keeshonds to anyone. Jodi keeps you well informed about the puppies from the time they are born until you get them and after. She takes lots of pictures on their growth progress and you can tell she works with them to socialize them. Our Keesha was born Sept 25, 2008 and we have had her since Thanksgiving 2008.When we picked her up Jodi also provided a bag of food to help get started. Keesha has been healthy from day 1 and we couldn't be happier with our choice and she is well behaved and so much fun and good with kids.

Lavonne Sabula, IA

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