NOV 2009

Hi Jodi,

Everyone is doing well. Kyler and Kenji are Kasey's parents from the November 2009 litter. Kasey is such a sweet dog and we all love him even when he steals everyone's property. His temperament could not be better and will not growl, snap or be aggressive even around his bowl or when I do something he doesn't like such as brushing, or cleaning him. He is very friendly with new people and other dogs. He is extremely confident and nothing seems to faze him. I am so happy with Kasey and feel like I have a great friend and think he is the best dog in the world. As you know, it can be intimidating buying online but you made the whole experience better than when my kids were born with weekly updates and photos. If I ever get another dog this is the only breed and breeder I would want. How you deal with 3 or more kees in the house with their constant playing, stealing and teasing must be your love of the breed. Once you have a keeshond you will never want any other breed because you will be addicted and no other breed will do.

You made the whole puppy buying experience great and I really appreciate all the extra things you did during the process. Good luck to you and your family and if I can help you just let me know.

Jack Vineland, NJ

May 2009

I met Jodi Erbe this past year when I was researching different breeds of dogs on the Internet. I became interested in the Keeshond breed because I was looking for a dog that was good with children. Jodi had an ad online, so I e-mailed her just to get some information. What impressed me most was how quickly she responded to my e-mails. She sent me a lot of information about the breed and answered many questions that I had without even knowing that I would be buying a Keeshond let alone one from her. From just a few interactions with her, I could tell that she truly loves her dogs. I believed that she wanted to place her puppies with the right people and not just sell dogs. I felt confident that she was a reputable breeder, and I felt very comfortable in making the decision to purchase a dog from her.

When I decided to buy a puppy from her, Jodi sent weekly e-mails with many pictures showing the puppies’ progress as they grew. This made the wait go so much more quickly. Although I didn’t take the opportunity to visit before bringing my puppy home, we were encouraged to come at our convenience and she was very accommodating to our schedule on the day we picked him up. She also provided us with an organized binder with all of his health records and information.

Dillon is now a year old and is just a joy to be around. He is a healthy, happy dog with such a pleasant personality. He is so patient with my four year old daughter as well as my Cocker Spaniel puppy. He became a part of our family very quickly and has been really easy to train. I think that he was so well adjusted because Jodi raises the puppies with her own family.

I would highly recommend purchasing a Keeshond from Jodi. She was so helpful in every step of the process. I couldn’t be happier with the puppy that I got from her! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Amanda Pleasent Gap, PA

May 2009

Hi Jodi,

Just wanted to let you know that Dillon is adjusting really well

He is just the sweetest little thing. He is so calm compared to Lainey! Thank you for raising such a great puppy. I swear he is close to being housebroken already.

I will send pictures soon.

Thanks again!

Amanda Pleasant Gap, PA

May 2009

Hello Jodi!

Well, Koru's 11 weeks and shining. Wherever we take him he is the star of the show - so well behaved and sociable, both with other people and dogs. I've given your contact information to at least three people, all of whom saw Koru and either decided that Keeshonds were the dogs for them or had heard of the breed and figured now was the time.

Koru has become my little baby - he's absolutely incredible and such a wonderful part of our family :)

Again, thank you thank you thank you for creating such an amazing creature.

Chelsea Ithaca, NY

May 2009

Hi Jodi!

Thought I'd send a quick email to let you know how things are going.

Dmitri is doing wonderfully; he's very happy and playful. He and our Siberian, Minka are becoming fast friends, and they enjoying romping in the backyard. He has taken a special liking to one of our kitties, Sinestra, and they play together all the time. Dmitri and Sinestra are practically inseparable, they really love each other. Our other kitties are very comfortable around him, and routinely sleep just inches away from him.

We love him more than we even though was possible. He is the most perfect addition to our lives!

Thanks a bunch,

Jacqueline Belleville, IL

May 2009

As a first time dog owner, Jodi was the best breeder I could have hoped for. She answered all of my ceaseless, neurotic-puppy-parent questions happily and usually within a day - if not an hour - of my asking. She referred me to a variety of resources on Keeshond health and care in addition to letting me see all the adorable pictures of previous puppies and their current happy families.

When we came to Jodi's house to pick out Koru, I was thrilled to find a home and a family that clearly loved their Kees and had taken wonderful care of the puppies. Koru himself is quite possibly the sweetest thing ever: intelligent, obedient, but with a little bit of fire in him that comes out when he plays and shows off all of his new tricks. He is incredibly loyal - just imagine the warm fuzzy feeling you'd get when you see this little bouncing blur of silver fur rushing towards you because you're its world!

I have given Jodi's name to almost a dozen people who stop me on the street to ask what breed of dog he is and awe over his beauty, obedience, and sweet nature. I would recommend her to anyone who wants a Kees, and I would recommend a Kees to anyone who's looking for a beautiful, intelligent, all-around wonderful companion.

Chelsea Ithaca, NY

JAN 2009

Anyone considering purchasing a puppy from Jodi should definitely do so. I purchased Bailey, my Keeshond puppy, from Jodi in the beginning of this year (2009) and she is a part of my family that I couldn't replace. Jodi's puppies are beautiful and she makes the experience so much better. She sends out weekly e-mails with updates and pictures and checks up on you after receiving your puppy. She is fully trustworthy, and I couldn't imagine purchasing a beautiful Keeshond from anyone other than Jodi. She is a wonderful person with absolutely gorgeous dogs! I would recommend her to anyone and everyone.

Tenisha Haleyville, AL

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