October 13, 2010

Dear Jodi,

I am writing to tell you what an awesome and amazing bundle of fur our baby Kai is! He is everything one could want in a Keeshond – full of personality, exuberance for life and a lovely appearance. Kai is perfect in every way.

Twelve years ago, for the first time, we were fortunate enough to be “owned” by a Keeshond. We still have he and love her more than you can imagine. We always knew we would add another Keesie to our family, but could never find a breeder that measured up to our selective standards. Kiki has set the bar very, very high.

And, then, we met you!! Your dogs are beautiful and lively. Their appearance so closely resembles that of Kiki’s – the most agreeable true Keeshond shape and size. Your dogs are healthy and happy and much loved. They all have so much spirit. Those qualities are important to us and it had been the greatest pleasure to get to know you and your dogs and discover that you too share our philosophy of raising and breeding quality Keeshonden.

Looking back, I think the happiest days we have had in years were the afternoons we spent at your home and in your back yard playing with your puppies and your adult dogs.

Kia is the easiest, most acclimated puppy we have ever had. David and I truly believe that special part of his personality is attributable to all the love and hands-on care that your puppies received from you and your daughter.

One day down the road we plan to add another one of your little Keesies to our pet family. Your puppies, your ethics, your breeding standards, everything you do is impeccable and forthright. We are very much appreciative.

Kia’s colors have been changing now that he is almost 12 weeks old. He is getting a lot more silver and his face is dark, especially around his nose. He is adorable! I’ll send you pictures and bring him for a visit now and again so you, too, can marvel at the way he is maturing.

Thanks for everything!

Leslie Modine Maryland

October 12, 2010

Jodi had an ad online, so I e-mailed her just to get some information. What impressed me was how quickly she responded to my e-mails. Jodi sent me a lot of information about the breed and answered many questions that I had. We purchased our keeshond from Jodi in July of 2010, went for a visit in the beginning of September of 2010 and three weeks later in September my husband went back to Maryland to pick her up. Penelope is now ten weeks old and doing wonderful. Penelope is the princess of the house and is a great fit amongst the other three dogs that we have! Penelope is very smart, is currently crate training at night, has learned to sit, lay down, and is already trying to sit up like the boys. Penelope was from a litter of eight puppies. Jodi made sure that all of the puppies were going to very good homes.

When my husband Stan and I went to look at Jodi's puppies, they were clean and healthy. We were able to see his mother and father of the litter. I could see that Jodi and her family love their dogs. They were very well taken care of and were kept in a clean environment.

When we picked Penelope out she was still too little to come home with us. Jodi sent us weekly pictures and weights of her until we could come back to pick her up. My husband arrived to pick up Penelope; she had her papers, food, vaccinations, etc. all ready to go.

We had Penelope checked out by our veterinarian after we got her home and she was a healthy puppy! The veterinarian was very impressed with the paperwork that Jodi had given us. The booklet was neat and orderly. Jodi and I have kept in touch with us and she has asked how Penelope is doing. She truly cares about her dogs. I love sending her photos since I have two other Keeshonds that are eight years old and a Leonberger who is three years old.

I would highly recommended Jodi and her keeshonds. We absolutely adore Penelope and spoil her. If you are looking for a keeshond we would recommend Jodi and would gladly answer anyone’s questions via email.

Stan & Tricia Nolan Connecticut

February 8, 2010

To whom it may concern:

For anyone who is thinking of purchasing this breed, you couldn’t find a more informative and caring breeder.

I had been researching dogs for a few years to fit into a household with a pre-teen (who previously had been leery of dogs) and cats. Aside from being the most beautiful looking dog I had ever seen, they also are great with children, great family pets and wonderful with other animals. So this choice was a no-brainer to me.

The next challenge was finding a breeder. I am located in Long Island, New York and finding this breed was quite a challenge. Apparently they are a bit rare. After researching for a few months, I decided on Jodi and am so glad I did. Her pups are beautiful. She sends you lots of pictures weekly so you can see the progress. She invites you to visit. She will answer any questions/concerns you have while waiting for and after you get your pup.

We got our pup, Spudgy delivered to us on January 9, 2010. She is absolutely gorgeous, healthy and totally fits all the qualities that I was looking for in a pet. When she hears a child, she so excited. She greets all our visitors with kisses! Everyone that has met her (and it’s been quite a few people in the past month) absolutely love her!

Even my Vet was extremely impressed with the care the puppy had and also the packet that Jodi sends home with her pups.

If you are thinking of this breed, you must contact Jodi.

Thanks for the new family member Jodi!! And thanks for always answering my millions of questions!!!!


Donna Long Island, NY

July 2010

Recently I had the pleasure of acquiring one of Jodi's puppies. Everything was either done online or on the phone as we had never met. Jodi made me feel extremely comfortable, as we both have that common love of this breed. When I arrived at her home, I was greeted by her Keeshonds, all were well taken care of, you could see that the minute you stepped into her house. In her backyard was a bundle of puppies running and playing and having a wonderful time. I saw my Kallie girl and immediately fell in love. When we got back home we had already scheduled a vet appt. and Kallie checked out perfectly healthy. I just knew as soon as I saw all the puppies that I came to the right breeder for my newest addition. Please do not hesitate to call and speak with Jodi, she is knowledgeable of the breed and very caring. I would definitely get another keeshond from her.

Cyndi Clingerman Clingmey Keeshonden

Monroeville, NJ

JAN 2010


Buying a puppy from you has been a terrific experience. From the first time we contacted you, you've always been so nice, and helpful. You were always ready to answer any questions we've had via email, as well as by phone. You continuously kept us updated as to how the puppies were doing, and sent us photos of each so we could see their progress for ourselves. Since getting our beautiful Kaezsa, who has grown like crazy, you have continued to answer our questions, and helped us tremendously. We certainly appreciate all you've done to help us make a decision in choosing our ''baby''. Thank you very much!

And to anybody considering adopting one of your wonderful puppies, feel free to send them this email, or have them call us personally. We will be more than happy to reassure them that buying a puppy from you will be nothing less than a great experience.

Thanks again!

Tracy and family

China Grove, NC.

July 2010

We have had Laredo now for two months and all we can say is that we’re totally in love with this puppy! He is the cutest, most adorable and loveable little boy! Laredo came from a litter of eight puppies and Jodi was very good at placing those puppies in good homes.

We live in upstate New York and drove down to look at the puppies a couple of weeks before making our pick. Jodi was right there to greet us, answer all our questions and to just let us play and romp around with all her puppies. While we were there we also got to meet the parents, who were both very beautiful, friendly and very healthy.

When we went to pick Laredo up Jodi had groomed him, she had all his paperwork, vaccination records, and food ready for our trip back.

When we took Laredo in for his first vet appointment our vet was very impressed with all the information and records that Jodi had given us. The vet gave Laredo an excellent health evaluation!

We would highly recommend Jodi as a breeder. Jodi was available all through the adoption period, all we had to do was email or call her and she would gladly answer any questions for us. She absolutely loves this breed and takes great pride in her animals. Jodi has continued to keep in touch we us on Laredo’s progress. Jodi’s puppies are raised in a family environment and are very well taken care of. We would just like to thank Jodi for raising such beautiful and healthy dogs!

Darrin & Dawn

Blossvale, NY

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