June 2011

I am writing this letter of recommendation to inform any potential adoptive parents about the wonderful experience that my family had with Jodi and Erbekees. After losing our first Keeshond, Casey, after 14 years we were bereft. We knew that we wanted to bring another dog into our home and that we wanted it to be a Keeshond. Now the task was mine to find a reputable breeder. I contacted every breeder that put info out on the web. It soon became clear that Jodi stood out from the rest. She answered my questions promptly, both by email and phone, and it was apparent to me that she loves her dogs. She sent many pictures of past litters as well. Once I felt comfortable with Jodi I sent a deposit. Then the fun really began. I got weekly updates complete with pictures of the current litter. I couldn’t wait for each Thursday to get the new info. When the puppies were about 6 ½ weeks old I drove to Maryland with my family to make our selection. It was an amazing afternoon playing with the puppies! Each one was sweet, friendly and affectionate. There was not a bad one in the bunch. I am confident I would have been thrilled with any one that we chose. In fact I told my husband to make the pick because I would never have been able to do it. When we went to pick up Bodi Jodi had put together a folder for us with all of her medical info and some info about the breed as well. Jodi was also available by phone if we had questions, even though she was in the process of moving to Tennessee. She still made sure that she followed up with us.

We have had Bodi home for almost 3 weeks now and she is a pure delight. She is friendly to everyone that she sees, including other dogs. Every time we take her out people remark about how cute and well behaved she is. When we took her for her first visit to our vet he pronounced her “One terrific puppy, definitely a winner” We completely agree! She is doing very well with her training, as she is eager to please us (and she likes the treats). We could not be happier with our puppy or with Jodi.

Please feel free to contact me if you have questions or want further information about my experience.



Oradell, NJ

April 2011

To whom it may concern:

We cannot speak highly enough of Jodi Erbe and would highly recommend her services as a breeder to anyone looking for well-bred puppies. We were lucky enough to purchase two puppies from the same litter from Jodi in June of 2011 and we visited the puppies at her home during the weeks before we picked the puppies up. The puppies had a clean and well-maintained yard, kennel area, and indoor area to eat, sleep and play. They were well cared for by Jodi and she provided excellent up to date Veterinary records as well.

These are our 4th and 5th Keeshond pups and they are happy, healthy and a joy...we could not be happier.

Our puppies, Ico and Kira are wonderful. They are sweet, loving, playful, smart, and it is truly a heartfelt joy to have them greet you when you come in the door.

They love the kiddie pool and Kira loves to taunt Ico with a toy and draw him into chasing her. Kira is swift and agile and will stalk in slow step across the floor to then pounce on her brother who will most likely roll over on his back and allow her to attack, for a while. Ico is a big sweet lug (now nicknamed Buddha Bear, or 'Ico' llide with the couch and wall) unaware of things like momentum, or, his personal stopping distance on hardwood floors, he is just a happy victim in Kira's play fight attacks though he always gives her as good as he gets, eventually.

Thank you so much for giving them the love and attention that made them who they are. They fill our home with love, laughter...and a little mischief.

Scott and Dede Maryland

April 2011

Dear Jodi,

I hope this finds you well. We are having such a blast with Clancy and love him so dearly. He truly is our “child” and spoiled as such. This picture is actually from last Christmas when he was 8 months old. You can see how big and handsome he is now on my facebook page. This past year Clancy completed “Advanced” Obedience Training, competed in a Dock Dogs Event (he jumped 10’2 into the pool), finished twice as Reserve Best in Show in the altered division in the UKC, has recently begun Agility Lessons again and you should be proud to know that Clancy is the 1st officially certified Intermediate AND Advanced Trick Dog Keeshond!!

Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas.


Upper Marlboro, MD

FEB 2011

To whom it may concern,

This letter of recommendation is for Jodi Erbe of Erbekees. There are several points would like to make in this letter.

First Keeshonds are a fantastic family dog. They are extremely alert, smart and love to be with their family. They are a bundle of fun that people who love dogs will certainly enjoy. You would be hard pressed to find a cuter dog either.

Our experience with Jodi could not have been any better. She and her family are all very involved in the care of her puppies. As a result, the puppies are very well socialized to people by the time they go home with their new owners. We visited the entire litter on a weekly basis until our choice of puppies was made and she came home with us. Not only did Jodie make us feel welcome by opening up her home to us, she actually encouraged people to visit because it is a positive experience for the puppies and new owners.

Jodi also takes pictures of the puppies on a regular basis and posts them so you and your friends can see the puppies as they develop in their early days. Even my coworkers commented on how well Jodi did this. They constantly asked me to show them the updated pictures of the puppies. We believe this helps new owners bond with the puppies even before they come home.

Jodi has a very high level of knowledge about Keeshonds and shares her knowledge freely. We expect to have Ruby for quite some time, but if we met anyone who was interested in a Keeshond, then the one and only person we would recommend is Jodi Erbe.

Jim and Mindy

Laurel, MD.

ERBEKEES-KEESHONDEN 433 Gunter Hollow RD Fayetteville, TN. 37334 931-557-8884 or 814-691-4902