Nov 2012

It was so nice meeting with you and establishing a friendship. My puppy is awesome! She wakes only once a night to take care of her ''business'' and is learning sit and shake. I did want to emphasize that you are raising quality companions. Having both parents on-site is really great. I am always concerned about purchasing a dog from a puppy mill and I can wholeheartedly say that you certainly are not a puppy mill. Your house and kennels were clean and tidy and your dog’s love you. Dogs develop this ''love'' by the companionship that is provided in your home. Thank you Jodi for my precious Bella.

Marian Petersburg, TN

July 2012

To anyone interested in an Erbekees pup:

My husband and I recently adopted two female Keeshond pups from Jodi Erbe of Erbekees. We have been the parents of several Keeshonden over the past 21 years and after losing our elderly male, were on a search for a reputable breeder for our next pup.

We were doing a national search and wanted to find a conscientious breeder who was concerned with the health of the overall breed. We were excited to find all the criteria we were looking for on the Erbekees website and even more thrilled that Erbekees was located in the same state, only 4 hours away. We immediately contacted Jodi and made arrangements to visit Erbekees when the current litter was five weeks old. There were only two female pups who were not spoken for and we wanted to take a look at them and check out Erbekees as well.

When we arrived at Jodi’s house we were warmly greeted by her adult Keeshonden, all of which were incredibly good looking, friendly, happy, and healthy. We were last on the list for puppy picking, but after spending an afternoon with the pups, it was clear that there was not a bad choice among them. All of the pups were in excellent health and had incredibly happy dispositions.

We were also very impressed with Jodi’s dedication to this breed. It was very clear how devoted she is to her own dogs and to the breed as a whole. For those of you considering purchasing a pup from Erbekees who may not have the benefit of living close enough for a visit, Jodi Erbe is exactly what you are looking for in a breeder.

Mary Knoxville, TN

August 4th, 2012

To anyone looking for a Keeshond puppy:

When my family decided we wanted a Keeshond puppy we looked for a breeder in Colorado and couldn’t find one with a litter. We searched the internet and found Jodi and Erbekees. I was nervous about buying a puppy long distance, but after a few emails and a phone call, I became very comfortable working with Jodi. She answered my questions quickly and honestly, and I definitely appreciated that. I could tell that she is passionate about her “babies” and does everything in her power to keep them safe and healthy. She also shows concern for the breed as a whole and ensures that her dogs are tested for genetic issues before she breeds them. Our pup’s litter had just been born a couple of days before I contacted Jodi, and for the next 7 weeks she kept all the new owners informed with weekly updates and photos. It was strange making a “pick” from pictures but much easier than I thought it would be.

Jodi worked with us to find the best way to deliver our little fuzzball, Kato, to us; it ended up that her parents met us halfway in Oklahoma. Jodi’s parents gave us a binder with all kinds of useful information, including test results from Kato’s parents….along with a jar of homemade pickles! My only regret is that we weren’t able to meet Jodi in person, but thanks to so many emails, I don’t really think it was necessary. I was very confident that the puppies were well cared for during those first two important months.

I can’t say enough good things about this experience. We have a wonderful little guy (only 10 weeks old now) who is already a member of our family…and I’m pretty sure he thinks he’s the most important member! He’s a lot of fun and has a playful Keeshond “smile”. We look forward to many happy years with him.

Deb Parker and family Denver, CO.

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