ERBEKEES is extremely proud to announce that Continental Kennel Club (CKC) has chosen me for the


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CKC Announces Winner of 2013 Preferred Breeder Merit Award

Continental Kennel Club, Inc. (CKC) honors 2013 Breeder Merit

Award Winner JODI LYN ERBE for her superlative breeding program and immense contribution to the Keeshond breed.

Continental Kennel Club is proud to announce the winner of the 2013 CKC Breeder Merit Award.

The sixth annual Breeder Merit Award goes to Jodi

Lyn Erbe (of Erbekees Keeshonden) located in Petersburg, Tennessee.

Continental Kennel Club celebrates the outstanding achievement of this CKC Preferred Breeder and applauds her commitment to producing quality canine companions.

The purposeful development of Erbe’s breeding program is focused on the breeder’s three primary objectives: genetic health, temperament, and companionship. Her insistence on extensive health screening ensures the sound genetic health of all Erbekees breed stock. As a strong advocate for the importance of health testing, Erbe is insistent on providing each puppy with the advantage of a sound genetic bloodline.

As a companion breeder, Erbe invests a significant amount of time and care into the behavioral development of each puppy. Recognized and valued as a loyal companion and remarkable family dog, the unique temperament and distinguishing qualities of the Keeshond are highly valued. Erbe introduces socialization at early stages of development and fosters the proper behavioral development of each puppy. Dogs exhibiting uncharacteristic behavioral traits, aggression, or other undesirable behavior are not considered for use in Erbe’s breeding program. By instituting measures to ensure the physical health and behavioral quality of puppies, the award winner can take pride in the companionship provided by each puppy that is produced in her program.

By providing each new puppy owner with information, continued assistance and extensive records, Erbe strives to promote the successful, life-long companionship between the puppy and its owner. Each new owner receives current health and vaccination records for the puppy, a copy of the pedigree on both sire and dam, health certificates representing each parent, microchip registration and instructions, and registration application for official certification.

The CKC Breeder Merit Award is an honorable and respected achievement which celebrates the commitment and accomplishment of one inspirational CKC Preferred Breeder.

The CKC Preferred Breeders Program is an elite

program designed for responsible and dedicated CKC breeders. By accepting the challenge to adhere to the highest standards for breeding, this select group supports the organization’s mission of “striving to better breeds.” Qualifying candidates for receipt of the annual Breeder Merit Award consist of current and active members of the CKC Preferred Breeders Program. In addition, these exceptional CKC members must observe exemplary breeding practices in an effort to preserve, improve, and promote their respective breeds. These practices include producing dogs in excellent physical health, maintaining meticulous records of breeding programs, and providing education and support to new puppy owners.

Selecting the recipient of the annual Breeder Merit Award is a challenging task. The winner is chosen from members of Continental Kennel Club’s Preferred Breeders Program, which combines practical guidelines with high breeding standards to produce quality canines. Erbe’s breeding program is evidence of her dedication to the care, health, and quality of the Keeshond breed. Continental Kennel Club, Inc. applauds her efforts and appreciates her positive influence in the breeding community.

The 2013 CKC Breeder Merit Award Presentation is scheduled to take place on Saturday, September 21 at 4:00 PM in honor of the recipient’s outstanding achievement.

The presentation will be held at Erbe’s ranch and followed by a KEES-UNION, welcoming all past clients and pups to participate in a fun, furry weekend. Continental Kennel Club President, Mike Roy, will travel to Petersburg, Tennessee with his wife in order to personally present the 2013 Breeder Merit Award.

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