November 21, 2013

My family began looking for a Keeshond puppy after we recently lost our Keeshond. We started looking for breeders on the AKC website and Jodi stood out right away for winning the Breeder of Merit Award for 2013. We now have a beautiful little girl and she is a wonderful, happy, healthy puppy!

We were a little nervous buying a puppy sight unseen but Jodi made it so easy. We received weekly updates with pictures galore. We could email her with any questions and always got an immediate response. There were no surprises.

We would definitely recommend Jodi to anybody looking for a Keeshond.

Taylor Knoxville, TN

Nov. 2013

My husband and I bought 2 puppies recently from Erbekees. I checked many breeders on-line as there aren't many in our area. I soon determined that Jodi was the breeder we wanted. She is determined to raise healthy, socialized puppies. Although the male puppy, Duke did not take well to the crate, the female was fine. Neither one was carsick but Duke let us know he wanted out. They have made themselves right at home. Jodi is so helpful and very knowledgeable about the Keeshond breed. It was so great to see the pictures of the puppies as they grew and to be updated on their progress. She goes above and beyond what I have ever heard of any breeder. I don't think you could find a better breeder.

Diana Evansville, IN

August 2013

Internet puppy buying – we have all heard the news – buyer beware! Puppy Millers! Bad! Only buy from reputable dealers. Now that I have your attention – I want you to know that Jodi Erbe IS a REPUTABLE DEALER – in fact she has been awarded the CKC Breeder of Merit for the Year 2013. That is no simple task or accomplishment. My personal experience with Jodi was like yours – it began with the internet and an email, and ended with me buying a new companion for our home. I did not come to Jodi on a whim but I talked with several breeders, and I felt she was the one I wanted to build that lifelong client relationship with. Your breeder should stand behind you and your pup. Jodi does this, and it begins with the pre-breeding testing and results. What I found was she breeds for temperament, health, and smarts – those things are what you want in your Kees – nothing more or less will do. If you want to talk to her vet, that’s okay, if you have a question about how often she breeds her girls, she will tell you. Again, this openness is unusual, and it makes things very fluid for you as the buyer. If you are wondering about how the dogs are marked – they are stunning. Plan on being asked about your striking pup when you take them out in public. If you are wondering yes, Jodi is personable and makes this about you, your family, your home, and your new companion. She is easy to talk with and shares her plethora of Keeshond information openly without you feeling silly for asking your question. Trust me here – I have asked her about every small detail from how to fix runny stools from me incorrectly feeding to what type of tub do I need to bathe my pup. Jodi does a tremendous job keeping you up-to-date on your new pup from the birth to when you pick them up. There are weekly updates/pictures, emails, and contacts. Those emails are fantastic because you always know how all of the pups are doing not just one. This type of planning and attention to detail is very rare and first rate! From the beginning of this journey to the middle of it, and finally when I went to Jodi’s home to meet her, meet her beautiful well-mannered Kees, and pick up my own pup, it has been a joyous adventure. I look forward to several years of working with Jodi as I continue to raise my Kees pup and get him ready for the world of AKC agility/rally competitions. Bravo to Jodi and her gorgeous Kees! If you want to visit with me further to verify my experiences, please email me or give me a call. I LOVE talking about my Kees!

Beth Omaha, NE

July 2013

Our pup Rizzo was born on May 2nd 2013 and we couldn’t have had a better experience. I searched and researched on the internet, I was very happy when I found Jodi. We started communicating back in January and Jodi was always making sure to respond to my questions and concerns. I was hesitant at first to get another pup but Jodi did not push or try to do a “sell job.” The decision was completely mine and we couldn’t be happier. Jodi has followed through with everything that she has told she would do. You can really tell that her dogs are a passion in her life.

The drive down to Tennessee was a long one from Michigan but very well worth it. Putting a face behind all the email communications was very nice. I was concerned that the drive back up to Michigan would be a rough one. I was also bringing back one of Rizzo’s brothers for another person in Michigan. However, Jodi gave us some tips about keeping the air conditioner on and having an open vent by them. Both pups did so well on the long ride home and were so good. You couldn’t ask for better travelers.

Rizzo has blended right in with the family and is learning quickly. With some helpful tips from Jodi, Rizzo is now kennel trained and is very comfortable with being inside of it. I couldn’t believe how easily Rizzo took to it. I have been impressed with how quickly Rizzo has adapted to our family routine and fit in with our two dogs. I would definitely recommend Jodi to anyone who asks me about getting a Keeshond. I am looking forward to many happy years with Rizzo as being a part of our family.

Darlene Ypsilanti, Michigan

Jan 2013

I cannot say enough good things about Jodi and her Keeshonds. I had the privilege of traveling to Tennessee to pick up my little one and Jodi’s overwhelming hospitality was above and beyond. From the initial email inquiring about her latest puppies, Jodi was professional, understanding and very helpful. I had a Keeshond, Psyche, for 13 years and Jodi was an awesome person to talk to about her and what she meant to me. She really understood and worked with me to make the decision to bring another pup into my home. We shared stories of her Keeshonds and the journey that brought her to where she is now.

I was overwhelmed by her love for the breed and while this can’t be financially lucrative, she is obviously in this just because of her passion for spreading the good word about Keeshonds. It was really helpful to see where the puppies live and to meet mom and dad. Her house was very clean and her dogs were all well behaved. If prospective puppy owners are able to make the journey to Tennessee, I highly recommend it.

The journey home with the little one, Thalia, was so easy. Jodi recommended turning on the AC if she got wiggly or agitated (we were traveling back to Vermont and it was a very long drive). The cool breeze on her nose put her right to sleep and she slept for a majority of the trip. That’s a lot to ask of a puppy and I could not have been prouder of her. I like to think she is such a great dog now because of those first couple months with Jodi and her family.

Thalia is now 4 months old and goes everywhere with me. I love telling people about the breed and our trip to Tennessee. Everyone comments on how well behaved she is and just how gorgeous the breed is. I’ve even sent someone else to Jodi that has a deposit down on a new puppy. Thalia’s brother will be living one block away from us here in Vermont and I look forward to lots of play dates.

Thank you Jodi, once again but not the last time, for being available the entire time during this process.

Again, I highly recommend Jodi Erbe for any of your Keeshond needs.

Chris Burlington, Vermont

July 2013

We've had our little boy & girl for just over 3 weeks and we want you to know how happy we are!! From the beginning we could tell that Jodi loves this breed and we were impressed with all the testing you do! We have adopted from other breeders in the past (even ''show'' breeders) and sadly our keeshonds did not live as long as they should have.

Our Vet said we have two very healthy puppies.

I would urge anyone looking for a keeshond to adopt a puppy (or 2) from Erbekees. Jodi is a responsible breeder and she ALWAYS returns calls/emails. NO other breeder we have encountered has kept in contact with us after the ''deal is done''. Jodi is also extremely organized and on top of all the paperwork. We appreciated all the time she spent posting weekly pics of the one else has ever done this !!! Jodi truly loves this breed and her kees are very well taken care of. I wouldn't hesitate to adopt from Jodi again!!

Joe & Barb Buffalo, NY

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