May 2014

Reference for Erbekees

Looking for a loving puppy? It's all in the breeder's upbringing; and with Erbekees that's exactly what they stand behind. If you're looking for that breeder who's heart melts at being plowed over by little four legged fuzz balls...... Then look no further.

Jodi Erbe has healthy happy pups all over the country and there's good reason for it. Upon our first conversation I knew Jodi was the breeder for us. Those puppies’ health and happiness are a priority to Jodi. They raise their pups amongst family with children involved and it shows. We have the sweetest little keeshond from the day we picked her up. Healthy, beautiful, sweet temperament, spunky, playful and such an affectionate pup. I'd go back for others in a heartbeat and will someday.

Linda Ft Wayne, IN

May 2014

About a year and a half ago, my boyfriend and I decided that adding a four-legged companion to our family would be a wonderful decision. We spent months scouring the Internet and visiting shelters, trying to find our perfect match. To our dismay, many breeders and adoptions agencies didn't take us seriously the second we mentioned 1) we are both in our early twenties, 2) we aren't married yet and 3) we live in an apartment complex. I was utterly heartbroken knowing that we weren't being given the chance to give a puppy a loving and active home that we know we could provide.

A few weeks later I stumbled across the Erbekees website and smiled as I read all of the glowing reviews. I sent Jodi an honest and heartfelt email about my interest in her keeshonden. To my compete and total surprise, the return email came within hours and wasn't a blatant rejection like the rest. Jodi said she could see the passion I had for dogs and thought my boyfriend and myself would provide a loving home. She kept in touch with us throughout the whole process and provided information above and beyond the status quo of breeders.

7 months later we brought home our little baby boy. Simply saying that purchasing a puppy from The Erbekees family was a great decision would be a drastic understatement: it was the best decision of our lives. Our little Zuko is smart, loving, energetic and most importantly healthy. Jodi invests every ounce of love and energy into her puppies and clients and the results are amazing.

Thank you Jodi for giving us a chance and raising such wonderful and beautiful keeshonden! We are forever grateful!

Roiya and Marcus St. Petersburg, FL

August 2014

To Anyone Considering an Erbekees Puppy:

I promised myself a puppy when I retired from the 9 to 5, and having waited my entire working career to acquire my dog, I wanted to be very sure I had the right breed from the perfect breeder. I tend to go about these things with massive amounts of research, checking and double-checking information before I even think about contacting an individual. One red flag of any kind and it's back to the drawing board for me. I'm nothing if not thorough. I take pet ownership very seriously, have kept indoor cats throughout my many ''dogless'' years. I fully understand the commitment involved in taking on a puppy which will hopefully live a long, long time.

After deciding the Keeshond was an excellent fit for my life (and my cats), I began the task of researching Keeshond breeders. For me the very best breeder is the hobbyist, a breed fancier who is completely captured and enraptured by the type of dog they breed, who is engaged in improving the breed with careful, considered selection, who values good temperament and great health, as well as a beautiful appearance. This describes Jodi Erbe of Erbekees. In addition, Jodi publishes the actual results of the extensive health testing she has performed on all the dogs used in her breeding program, something I have seen nowhere else. The expense and effort she goes to in her attempts to insure the healthiest puppies possible is the most thorough I found in two years of searching. Once I found Jodi through her website, I stopped researching and wrote a lengthy email. She fired back a response equally lengthy in less than a day and was so personable, so open and transparent, so welcoming, that I knew I had found my breeder at last.

Over the weeks of many, many email exchanges, phone calls, even a visit to her ''ranch'' to visit my puppy's litter at five-and-a-half weeks, Jodi never put a foot wrong. I have rarely met anyone so precisely as they purport to be, so completely genuine. My experience with Jodi was perfect, a ten out of ten. I recommend her without reservation.

My puppy, Susie, is now nearly thirteen weeks old, happy, healthy, energetic, too smart for her own good, and an adored member of the household. I have not had a single second of regret in getting my puppy, or in choosing Jodi. We continue to correspond and stay in contact exactly as she promised. I really don't know where she finds the time, but she does, without fail and with much graciousness.

There may somewhere be a Keeshond breeder as good as Jodi Erbe, but I'm convinced that there is no one better anywhere.


Paris, TN

August 2014

I was extremely nervous about buying a puppy over the internet for the first time; however Jodi made it an extremely pleasant and easy experience. She provided a ton of updates so by the time I actually got my puppy I already felt like I already knew her. She is always willing to answer any questions at any time (even after I got my puppy) and she is always very quick to reply. She is also open with information, always informing me of my puppy’s health as well as providing her parent’s health records. She sent a binder to me full of information on my puppy’s pedigree, raising a puppy, her vet records, and keeshonden in general that was extremely informative. I live in Nevada so I had to ship my puppy, she did an excellent job explaining the shipping process to me and my puppy arrived perfectly healthy and happy despite it being a rather long trip. My vet is very impressed by how healthy and friendly my puppy is and she is constantly getting compliments on how pretty she is. Overall Jodi Erbe is very experienced, helpful, and breeds adorable and healthy puppies that could only be the product of someone who really cares about their wellbeing. I would definitely buy another keeshond from her in the future!


Fernley, NV

November 2014

I got my kees from Jodi almost 6 years ago & it's the best decision I have ever made. She is like a child and is spoiled a little worse than one. Jodi has been a wonder to work with. From the beginning she sent pictures every week of Bailey growing up. She met me to pick her up and I fell in love. She continues to help me with advice through the years, along with fellow kees owners on her facebook page. I wouldn't want to work with anyone else when buying a puppy!

Tenisha Halleyville, AL.

August 2014

Hi Jodi!

I could not be more pleased with my experience with Jodi and getting my puppy. I was hesitant with the idea of going out-of-state to get my puppy and also going through a breeder I have never met in person, but was pleasantly surprised with Erbekees. Jodi was very helpful and sent out emails at least once a week with the status of the puppies, pictures etc. She also was always available to give advice and answer any questions/concerns. I had my little guy shipped to Colorado (which I was very nervous about), and Jodi took extra care in making my puppy feel comfortable and ensuring he had the best flight possible. I have only had my pup for a month and am already wanting another one! I highly recommend using Jodi as your breeder; her dogs are gorgeous and she has genuine love and care for each one of them!

Thank you Jodi, I am sure I will be working with you again in the future!

Tiffany Denver, CO.

December 2014

Dear Jodi,

Our brother & sister from you are just over 1 1/2 years old. We are enjoying them immensely. I want to thank you for breeding such happy, healthy pups !!! I hope people do their research when looking for a keesie pup and see that you go above and beyond in the testing department ! As you know, I have a 9 year old keeshond from ANOTHER breeder who did NOT test for everything and now we have problems. I am so grateful that you are aware of health issues common in this breed and check for them. My Vet cannot believe how healthy & ''solid'' my dogs are !!

I also would like people to know that after the ''sale'', you are ALWAYS available for help & answers to questions one might have. You have always returned my emails and we have developed a friendship. I have never had this with another breeder in the past. So nice to know you are there and care very much about your Erbekees !!

To anyone considering a keeshond puppy, I strongly urge you to give Jodi a call. You will be getting a puppy that you can be assured has been tested for everything possible, and the personality is second to none.

Thank you Jodi for all you do and for always being there !!

Joe & Barb

Buffalo, NY

ERBEKEES-KEESHONDEN 433 Gunter Hollow RD Fayetteville, TN. 37334 931-557-8884 or 814-691-4902