2015 - 2016

February 2015

Last Spring I spent a great deal of time looking for a breeder with qualities that would give me confidence I was buying a puppy of quality.

I was looking for someone who would take the time to talk and listen to my questions. I happened by chance on Erbekees and wasn't disappointed when I called to talk with Jodi Erbe. I knew after just a few minutes speaking with her that she cares deeply about Keeshonden and her puppies are her passion.

She works tirelessly to improve her lines and to take great care of her puppies. I ordered a male Keeshond a few days later.

All through the spring, summer and fall Jodi kept me informed of all that was happening at her kennel and when the pups were born her updates, information and answers to all my inquiries were timely and informational.

She knows so much about breeding and taught me exactly what to expect. Her website is comprehensive but it doesn't tell you all that you will learn from her as you go through the process of buying a puppy, and it doesn't stop there. She has two Facebook pages that many of her patrons post their pictures, questions and interesting messages about their pups.

She is always there when you need her and willing to go the extra mile to help you.

At the pick-up time Jodi presents you with a book of all the pedigrees, vet information, certifications, and health testing. It is really impressive that she takes the time to do such a comprehensive book for all her raisers.

It is no wonder she has been selected a ''breeder of merit'' by her peers for her outstanding work. You won't go wrong if you are planning to buy a Keeshond puppy from Jodi. The bonus is it the whole process is FUN and educational at the same time.

Linda Tampa, Florida

APRIL 2015

We have Sophie B. (DOB 1/10/15). First, I (Brian) wanted to thank you for meeting me at the airport with Sophie. Not only did you bring her up but you took your time in answering all my questions and provided a lot of helpful information. You also are very helpful in getting all the paper work filled out. You continue to give advice and encouragement on an individual and group basis thru the e-mail\facebook network and links. And the e-mail group also network by sharing tips, advice (not to mention humorous anecdotes and pictures.) And I know you have your annual summer get together, which is another great feature. (Can't make it this year since our daughter will be home recovering from surgery.)

It is very apparent that you are a very dedicated and concerned breeder whose care continues well after the client picks up the puppy.

Debbie and Brian

Manassas, VA.

APRIL 2015

I found Jodi Erbre to be a breeder that creates an adoption that is informative and enjoyable. She responds to all questions in a timely manner and makes sure that you will have every opportunity to be connected to the puppy you eventually will adopt.

Through pictures and weekly updates Jodi kept me informed until I choose my puppy and I highly recommend adopting a puppy from her.

On a side note, this is my first experience with the Keeshond breed and I have found that Jodi provides puppies that not only meet but exceeds the standards for this breed both in appearance and tempermant.


Ashville, NC.

JUNE 2015

To Whom it May Concern:

We have found the entire experience of purchasing a puppy from Jodi Erbe to be fantastic. We are long time keeshond owners, though we are far from dog experts. When we decided to buy another keeshond puppy, we went to the internet and we emailed with several breeders. We spoke with one on the phone – and we were about to buy from that breeder; but our phone conversation gave me pause because the breeder was so unenthusiastic and had very simple answers to every question.

Then we came to Jodi’s website and spent a while on the site. We were most impressed with the level of detail and with Jodi’s longtime expertise with keeshonds.

We started emailing with Jodi and she answered every email quickly, and with detailed responses. We knew immediately that this was far more than a hobby for Jodi. We most appreciated that while she certainly has a business to run, she never pushed us to buy from her, and in fact, would often answer questions with “Whatever breeder you buy from, be sure….” Her concern was to make sure that we purchased a well-cared-for puppy.

When we went to pick our puppy, we were equally impressed. We saw several mom and dad keeshonds, and many puppies (there were two different litters at this time), and Jodi spent ample time with us picking out our puppy and answering questions.

Jodi provides you with a notebook full of all the details of your puppy. But before that, she provides weekly updates about the litter, including their weight, their developmental stages, and lots of general information about what to expect, how to train, etc. We’ve had our puppy for several weeks, and Jodi continues to answer every email with thoughtful and helpful responses.

We would recommend Jodi to anyone wishing to purchase a Keeshond!

Thanks Jodi!



Brentwood, TN

June 2015

To whom it may concern:

I have had my Keeshond, Spudgy since January 9, 2010. She was born November 11, 2009.

At the time, Jodi lived in Pennsylvania and her husband was gracious enough to drive Spudgy to me (here in Long Island, NY).

I had searched for over a year to find a breed that would fit our family and then another several months researching breeders before finally picking Jodi

From the birth to delivery, she was beyond helpful with any questions, articles, pictures of the litter and of course many pictures of Spudgy. She was always gracious and quick to respond to any concerns I had before and after I adopted my pup. Even to this day, if I have a concern, she will address it immediately.

Spudgy has the best personality of any dog I have ever owned and she is very healthy. My Vet absolutely loves her and always comments on her beautiful disposition and coat.

Keeshonds are the best with kids, other dogs, cats, adults, basically everyone. Mine has been amazing. She is never destructive and she's a great walking/jogging buddy too.

I honestly can't say enough good things about Jodi and of course my Spudgy. If you are considering this breed, I would absolutely recommend Jodi and believe me you won't be sorry.



Long Island, NY

June 2015

Our second keeshond passed away in October 2014. We immediately felt the loneliness of our empty house. We knew we had to find another.

Upon searching the internet we found Erbekees. I contacted Miss Jodi and knew right away she was a professional and knew the breed.

To our luck puppies were born on November 29th. I told my wife and sent Jodi a deposit.

The next eight weeks were very exciting. The pics of the puppies playing....their first vet visits. Then came selection day. Couldn't wait for our turn. All the puppies had different collars and were known that way. We immediately selected black with paws a male. We named him Baer. A little different in the spelling.

We were told we could pick him up after eight weeks. January 24 2015 couldn't come quick enough.

The day we made the six and a half our trip from North Carolina to Tennessee was so worth it. When we walked in and I picked him up.....OMG the joy.

And the packet with all his papers...his parents papers...I knew we made the right choice.

If you ever even considered a Keeshond there is no better breeder in the world then Jodi. This is our third in twenty four years and today as I write this he is seven months old and brings us great joy.We look forward to the reunion in two weeks.

Thank You Jodi

Karl and Carmen

Mooresville, North Carolina

July 2015

Bright eyes, a cheerful disposition and an inquisitive gaze greet you like a ray of sunshine on a cloudy morning. Loki and Kari from Jodi Erbe’s Erbekees are shining examples of responsible breeding done well. Adopting a puppy from Jodi is not only adding a family member but becoming part of one that spans North America.

Jodi is devoted to breeding beautiful healthy animals that become lifelong friends. The first time you meet her you understand her devotion to these fine Keeshonden. She is very open about the health of her dogs and provides more complete medical testing than most of us can understand.

She encourages you to come by for a visit and see her dogs first hand. We had the pleasure of meeting her and seeing all of the adult dogs as well as a previous litter. You could immediately tell how much she cares for them. Once our litter was born, she kept all of the future parents informed on a weekly basis if not more often; sending e-mail updates about progress, posting pictures and keeping in touch on an individual basis. Just amazing!

Jodi also moderates a forum where the adoptive families can share stories, pictures, training tips and tricks as well as getting to know others around the country with similar interests. Everyone has been so welcoming when we joined, and after a few posts/replies, it makes you feel like you are part of a family.

Upon pick-up of the puppies, she hands over a binder for each little dog that contains all the health testing records, parents’ background/test records, pedigree tree, and other valuable information. No other breeder has ever provided this much information to us before, and we love the fact she continues to stay in touch with us answering questions or just checking in.

While we have never met an irresponsible breeder, we also have never met one that put so much effort into keeping in contact with the families once the puppies have gone to their forever home.

Thank you, Jodi, for two beautiful little fuzzy butts.

Kevin and Tanja

Knoxville, TN

July 2015

I would recommend Jodi Erbe to anyone who wants to buy a Keeshound puppy. We have never had a Keeshound pup before and she was most helpful in telling us all about the breed so that we could make an informed decision. The pups are healthy and happy. They come with all their paperwork in order. My vet was very impressed with all the paperwork that came with our puppy. He told us a lot of breeders do not have their puppies tested as thoroughly as she did.

We took the trip to Tennessee to pick up our pup. It was a wonderful trip as we got to see our puppies parents and all her brothers and sisters. She has a wonderful place to breed pups. They are in a loving environment and have plenty of room to grow until their new parents come to get them. I would give my highest recommendation for Jodi.


Lubbock, Texas

July 2015

I want to share my experience with Erbekees and Jodi Erbe for those considering a keeshond puppy. First, I want to express that my keeshond, JoJo, is the fourth keeshond by which I have been owned in my lifetime. And, yes, if you know the pleasure of this breed, you will understand how wonderful they are. I say this because I want everyone to understand that I come to this testimonial with experience of the breed and breeders.

My beloved keeshond passed away in early 2014, and when I felt ready to search for a new keeshond, I began looking for a reputable breeder. I found Erbekees and contacted Jodi. I also contacted other breeders. I can tell you that my experience in first speaking with Jodi was far and above any other conversation I had. I could tell that Jodi loves the breed as much as I do, and she feels maintaining the breed and the purity of it as part of her mission.

In terms of the experience itself, I cannot express how wonderful it was. Jodi keeps her clients informed of what is going on with the puppies before they are born and after. Weekly updates and pictures were sent with descriptions of how the puppies are changing and what to expect as puppy parents. The fact that she opens her home and allows prospective puppy parents to meet her and her dogs says a lot about her as a breeder. She is very open and allows you to ask questions. In fact, she will caution about other breeders who do not allow you to know the genetic testing results of their dogs, if they do it at all. She also is very clear on rules as far as protecting the health of her dogs and puppies, and as a client you are happy to oblige.

The experience of picking up the puppy and bringing her home was also amazing. Jodi produces a binder for you with all kinds of information including your puppy’s pedigree and the genetic testing results of your puppy’s parents. I showed it to my vet when JoJo went for her first appointment and her response was, “Wow, this breeder really knows what she is doing.” I concur!

Jodi also has a closed Facebook group for her clients that allows all to share in the joy of their keeshonden and ask questions of each other. I am not a social media person and did not have a Facebook account. However, I did create one just for this forum, and it has been very beneficial to me as an owner.

I can say without any hesitation that I would recommend only Erbekees and Jodi Erbe to someone wanting a keeshond puppy. She not only knows what she is doing, she cares about each and every client and puppy. Your relationship with Erbekees does not end when you drive off the farm with your puppy. I cannot say enough good things. There simply is not enough room!



JoJo, born 1/2015

August 2015

After loosing two dogs in 2014, I wanted another Keeshond Puppy, to go with my two adult Keeshond's. I have been a long time owner of the breed, since 1982, however I live in California where Keeshonds are very hard to come by. I was apprehensive about acquiring a puppy over the Internet, having done this once before in 2004. When I picked up the puppy I acquired in 2004 at the San Diego airport, my immediate feeling was I needed to get her to my vet. Sure enough my vet diagnosed a heart murmur and arranged for an ultrasound the next day at the speciality hospital. Five days later Shelby had surgery to repair the PDA, after which followed multiple rechecks until contractility came into the low normal range. At that time the feeling was Shelby would not live past 7 years, well she almost made 11 years, when I lost her to a highly aggressive cancer. Later in 2004 I acquired a second Keeshond, this one from a local pet store, and while all seemed fine with her at the time, she was diagnosed with Patella luxation, grade 2 in one knee, grade three in the other knee. Both knees were repaired when she was 7 months old. CC was later diagnosed with severe hip dyplasia in both hips and has since had both hips replaced. The left hip has been one complication after another and she will be having a sixth surgery on the left hip later this month. Along with the two keeshonds I had an Austrailian mix, Willow, who was a rescue dog. At ten months old she was diagnosed with hip dysplasia and the TPO surgery was performed. Later Willow's left hip was replaced, and after a post surgical complication in which the implant slipped and factured her femur, resulting in a second hip replacement and a plate to set the fracture, Willow had 9 relatively pain free years, and was able to run and play like any other dog. A fourth dog Zena, also a Keeshond was free of any real medical issues until she was 9 years old, and is now just short of 16 years old.

After reading all of the reviews and going through the health certificates on the OFA website I contacted Jodi Erbe with regards to putting a deposit on an upcoming litter, for a white female puppy. After contacting Jodi my concerns about once again acquiring a puppy over the internet were set aside, I felt Jodi gave me the best opportunity to get a healthy Keeshond puppy. When the puppies were born and there was only one white female, Jodi gave me the option to take a Silver black female instead, which I did. For the next 7 weeks every Wednesday Jodi provided an e-mail with lots of information on the puppies along with photos. It was something to look forward to after a day at work. Jodi met me at the Huntsville airport which allowed me to pickup my puppy, Kodi, and return to San Diego in a day. Jodi also provided a binder with all health certificates and pedigree information on the parents. Kodi is a healthy, happy bundle of energy, and she is very sociable. I am so glad I have Kodi, and she has fit in perfectly with my 16 and 11 year old Keeshond's. My Vet of over 30 years was impressed with how healthy and alert Kodi was, as well as with the information that Jodi had provided. I have never had this much information on any of my dogs. People tell me all the time what a beautful puppy Kodi is, and the vet tech's await my arrival for all of Kodi's visits. If you are considering a Keeshond puppy, then look no further then Jodi Erbe. I would not hestitate to acquire another Keeshond puppy from Jodi and in fact I have a deposit in place for a puppy from one of the fall litters.


San Diego

August 2015

We have 2 Erbekees puppies and we absolutely love them!

A little over a year ago our first Keeshond passed away. When we got her we knew nothing about the Keeshond breed. But soon we fell in love with her, and the Keeshond Breed. Needless to say we needed another!

This time around we knew we wanted to get a puppy from a reputable Keeshond Breeder (our previous Keeshond was from a pet store/puppy mill and had a host of health concerns). I did a ton of research about the breed and area breeders. Soon I found Erbekees! The website had a ton of information on the breed, how to care for them, pictures, and breeding philosophy. I particularly liked all the health testing that was done, as this was very important to us!

I then contacted Erbekees and sent a deposit in for a new puppy! We were then added to her Facebook group, which is a great place to get advice and see other Erbekees puppies! We got continuous updates, throughout the pregnancy and even once the puppy was born. We loved the weekly emails, which included awesome pictures, growth and development information, and so much more! It made the 8 weeks pass so quickly! The breeder answered any and every question we had.

Once the 8 week mark came we drove from Massachusetts to Tennessee to pick up our new puppy. When we arrived we were invited into the breeder's house. She showed us around, specifically the dog/puppy room and the backyard. Her dogs were very well taken care of (and very friendly!). We left with a beautiful puppy and a binder full of great information (health status/testing of the parents, microchip info., AKC/CKC info., and much more).

We feel in love with our new puppy, so much so that we decided to get another! In no time we were driving back down to Tennessee with our 7 month old puppy to get our second puppy.

I would recommend this breeder to anyone!


Bridgewater, MA.

August 2015

My experience with Jodi Erbe has been great. When my family and I decided to add a puppy to our household, I researched dog breeds extensively before deciding on a Keeshond. Then I researched breeders carefully. I was lucky to find Erbekees and to get an Erbekees puppy. Jodi Erbe has been very communicative, answering all of my questions and concerns on topics as wide ranging as health testing on her breeding animals, to house training tips, to the latest research on the effects of delayed neutering/spaying on long term skeletal health, to sympathetic reactions to my worries as a first-time puppy parent. Any time I have asked a question about my darling puppy, Zero, she has been responsive and very informative. Zero is been a wonderful additional to our family and we could not be more pleased. He is super cute, extremely intelligent, obedient, and sweet. He is very friendly with other people and other dogs. My darling Keeshond is our trusted family companion! I am so glad we got an Erbekees puppy and I recommend Erbekees to anyone looking for a Keeshond.

Tasnima Rive, MD

August 2015

Reference for Erbekees

Looking for a loving puppy? It's all in the breeder's upbringing; and with Erbekees that's exactly what they stand behind. If you're looking for that breeder who's heart melts at being plowed over by little four legged fuzz balls...... Then look no further.

Jodi Erbe has healthy happy pups all over the country and there's good reason for it. Upon our first conversation I knew Jodi was the breeder for us. Those puppies’ health and happiness are a priority to Jodi. They raise their pups amongst family with children involved and it shows. We have the sweetest little keeshond from the day we picked her up. Healthy, beautiful, sweet temperament, spunky, playful and such an affectionate pup. I'd go back for others in a heartbeat and will someday.


Ft Wayne, Indiana

October 2015

Future Prospective Keeshond Parents:

Look no further; Jodi and Erbekees is where you want your pup to come from! When Jodi returned my initial email that first day, I began to get to know how very special she and her program really is. She is so knowledgeable about the breed, and welcomes any questions. I was invited to her yearly reunion party, where all the Kees and their owners can come back and reunite. I really could see how close the group is and how interested Jodi is in the continual progress and happiness of her pups. She has a Facebook forum for all present and future puppy parents, which is amazing! You can really see actual people with their pups on a continuing basis, and see how healthy and happy everyone is. Jodi gives constant updates starting with the birth of the pups, which continues with extensive weekly updates, as well as a multitude of pictures of the pups as they grow. You become instantly bonded, not only with what will be your eventual dog, but with the entire litter, and all the people who adopt these pups. Jodi is constantly there with helpful reminders and other information for new puppy parents as well as seasoned dog owners. We are, literally, one big happy Keeshond family!

I adopted two precious Keeshond pups this fall, and they are the epitome of health and vigor. They are so special, sweet and funny, I can’t imagine what I did without them! My veterinarian and her staff were so impressed with all the documentation that Jodi gave to me for the health testing on the dogs’ parents, all their pedigree information, as well as records from their first vet visit and micro chipping. They also all wanted their picture taken with my two gorgeous puppies!

I cannot recommend Jodi and Erbekees enough!


Gallatin, TN

October 2015

My husband and I got a white Keeshond from Jodi in May of 2015. We couldn't be happier with our puppy! My husband did a great deal or research on breeds of dogs and breeders. Jodi had by far exceeded our expectations of a breeder! She has been so incredibly open on her breeding process and provided us with so much information on raising a healthy Keeshond puppy. Our puppy has gotten glowing health reports from our vet and has been a breeze to train. She has a wonderful temperament and couldn't ask for a better dog! I know white keeshonds are a controversy in the breeding world but I have a high respect for her to uphold her values. Our white Keeshond has been a total delight to our family! Thank you Jodi for the best dog we could imagine!

Peter and Katie

Chicago, IL

Nov 2015

I cannot say enough about how amazing of a breeder Jodi Erbe is. She is the ideal and standard that all breeders should be held to in my opinion. From day one she is so open and helpful to potential clients that no shadow of a doubt could be had about her standards and professionalism. Miss Jodi goes to above and beyond lengths to ensure the health and happiness of her puppies. She does extensive genetic testing to prevent health problems from the breed; my vet even commented that they had never seen such extensive testing. Without a doubt when purchasing an Erbekees puppy, you can be secure that genetic problem risks are low or negligible. Her website is also a wealth of information and after reading her articles about health, grooming, and her breeding standards I was determined to purchase a puppy from Erbekees. What one of the best things about Erbekees is that you are buying a companion dog rather than a show dog. This means your puppy have been bred for temperament rather than something like head size. I believe that this gives any potential dog owner the best chance to starting out with a healthy and happy puppy. You are also guaranteed to be a part of an amazing Erbekees community. That has been an unexpected bonus. I have loved keeping up with my Erbekees friends and watching my puppies litter mates grow. I also have constant access to a wealth of knowledge at any time from the Facebook group not to mention Jodi always is available for questions. All in all after working with Jodi I don't know how I could have ever purchased a dog from anyone else.


Lexington, KY

Nov 2015

I started my search for a breeder about a year ago for a Keeshond puppy. I live in New England and spoke to a few in this area. I did not find one that I was impressed with. I found Jodi through a Google search and after initial communications was already impressed with her knowledge and obvious love of this special breed of dog. The entire journey has been a great experience. Jodi makes each client part of the whole process through weekly reports and pictures once the pups are born. Any questions I had were always welcome and encouraged. Jodi truly cares about the pups and does everything a top notch breeder should do to ensure the pups are healthy and without genetic health issues. The commitment I see from Jodi extends beyond the day of puppy pick up but for the life of every puppy that goes home with a client. I highly recommend this breeder to anyone looking for a Keeshond. I am a very happy and grateful ERBEKEES client!


Palmer, MA

Dec 2015

I cannot say enough about how amazing of a breeder Jodi Erbe is.

She is the ideal and standard that all breeders should be held to in my opinion. From day one she is so open and helpful to potential clients that no shadow of a doubt could be had about her standards and professionalism.

Miss Jodi goes to above and beyond lengths to ensure the health and happiness of her puppies. She does extensive genetic testing to prevent health problems from the breed; my vet even commented that they had never seen such extensive testing. Without a doubt when purchasing an Erbekees puppy, you can be secure that genetic problem risks are low or negligible.

Her website is also a wealth of information and after reading her articles about health, grooming, and her breeding standards I was determined to purchase a puppy from Erbekees. What one of the best things about Erbekees is that you are buying a companion dog rather than a show dog. This means your puppy has been bred for temperament rather than something like head size. I believe that this gives any potential dog owner the best chance to starting out with a healthy and happy puppy.

You are also guaranteed to be a part of an amazing Erbekees community. That has been an unexpected bonus. I have loved keeping up with my Erbekees friends and watching my puppies litter mates grow. I also have constant access to a wealth of knowledge at any time from the Facebook group not to mention Jodi always is available for questions.

All in all after working with Jodi I don't know how I could have ever purchased a dog from anyone else.


Lexington, KY.

Dec 2015

Future Keeshond owner,

If you’re like me, you’re deadset on the Keeshond breed. About a year and a half ago I spent hours researching the perfect dog breed for my lifestyle. I wanted a loving, fluffy, cuddly dog that required less exercise than most breeds. Ideally a medium sized fluffball couch potato. What could be better?

Unfortunately for us, there aren’t that many Keeshond breeders out there. Fortunately, that doesn’t matter! Jodi is a fantastic breeder – no others are necessary! She exceeded my expectations in every way.

Before I called Jodi, I spoke with a couple of other breeders. Something about my conversations with them made me hesitant to continue with them. When I called Jodi, she was knowledgeable and friendly.

She didn’t talk down about her competition. She showed that she cares for the dogs and the breed, not just her business. I put a deposit down on a puppy a year ago and waited for the best time for me to get my new family member. Over the past year, she’s kept me update on all of her litters. She’s organized and provides more information about the breed and being a new puppy owner than you could need!

She has also quickly and thoroughly responded to all of my questions along the way.

My favorite part of the whole experience is the facebook group! Join the group if you have doubts. Jodi’s clients are incredibly friendly and willing to help answer any questions about Jodi, Keeshonds, training, you name it. Jodi’s created a community with Erbekees. I’d be surprised to find any other breeders who provide such an all-around great experience.

Thanks for everything Jodi!

Mary Katherine

Augusta, GA


Jodi Erbe is a very nice lady. She takes very good care of her dogs. Reka, born Dec 11, 2015, is a female and our 5th Kees. We were last on her list since I wanted to see the mother, Jodi’s house and where she keeps the dogs before I would put a deposit down. After having four Keeshonds before, I wanted to make sure I was not buying from a puppy mill. Jodi is very nice and I loved all her dogs. Reka is already housebroken except for a little wee wee accident now and then. She follows us everywhere we go and gets upset if she can’t see one of us. She loves to play and have company. We are very pleased with her. I am glad that we found Jodi. She cares for her dogs the way we do and we are very, very picky when it comes to one of our “children” as that’s what they are to us, a child. If my dog is not welcome in your house, then your children (who do more damage) are not welcome in mine. I recommend Jodi to anyone looking for a keeshond.


Canton, GA.

MARCH 2016

I have worked with several breeders in the last 20 years of owning purebred dogs and without doubt, Jodi Erbe is by far the very best!

My introduction to Jodi was through her website. I started with reviews, which were wonderful, and moved on to the abundant amount of information she provided about her dogs and Keeshonds in general.

When I contacted her regarding the purchase of one of her puppies, she asked as much about me as I did of her. What a great indication that she loves her dogs and really makes certain they go to a great home. As this puppy would be my first Keeshond, I've always raised Chows, Jodi walked me through their personality and gave me several places to get further information on the breed.

Upon deciding to get one of her puppies, she invited me to her Facebook group of owners as well as her photo gallery. I learned so much from her clients and their experiences with Erbekees dogs. I also got to watch weekly updates of my puppies litter. In addition to the picture updates, Jodi wrote to her new puppy parents weekly providing all kinds of information both specifically about the litter as well as general information about puppies at that specific age. She also provided multiple links to outside information.

I finally met Jodi when I picked up my little girl, Maggie. Jodi is as nice as I imagined and her home and grounds were very clean and well maintained, an important issue for me as it gave me insight to how well she cares for all her beloved dogs. I got to meet Maggie's mom, Kenya, who was beautiful and sweet. The puppy area was adorable with puppies and crates and lots of toys. The pups were very happy and playful.

Once home I took Maggie to my vet and he was quite impressed with the quality of my puppy and the amount of info Jodi had given me to keep, including test results on the puppy and her parents as well as generation info.

Maggie has now been home for 6 weeks and all is going well. Jodi and the Facebook group continue to help with questions and share in the joy of pictures as Mags grows. One of my favorite parts is keeping up with Maggie's siblings.

I know this is long but Jodi has done so much, I believe prospective dog parents need to know from the get go. If you ever want a verbal reference Jodi has my permission to give out my information. I adore Jodi Erbe and love my Maggie.

Thanks for everything, Jodi!

Sam J

APRIl 2016

Dealing with Jodi Erbe could not have been a better experience, although I'm sure the perfectionist in Jodi will continue to try improving! We chose to adopt from Erbekees after visiting the website and seeing first hand that Jodi has a true passion for breeding the perfect little companions. She is so thorough with every little detail, and that made us feel extremely comfortable throughout the entire experience. We felt like we were a part of Jodi's family as we received weekly pictures of the puppies, and watching them grow and develop was something we had never encountered in working with a breeder. The sheer amount of valuable information provided by Jodi during the puppies 1st 2 months of life was very helpful in preparing us for our family's new addition. Just when you thought it couldn't get better, we got to bring our puppy home! She has been a great addition to our family, and I attribute that to Jodi's excellent work in socializing the litter before sending them out. From the very first day our puppy has been a sweetheart to our Shiba Inu, our cat, our family, the neighbors, children, etc. If you're looking for a 1st class breeder, then look no further than Erbekees!


Massillon, OH

APRIL 2016

To perspective Keeshond parents,

We would like to express our heartfelt respect for Jodi Erbe and Erbekees. Jodi has so much knowledge of the breed and a true heart for what she does. She takes great care in making sure her dogs are well cared for, and thus insuring a far superior puppy. We searched for many months trying to locate a breeder and when we found Erbekees we knew we had found the right place. We are so pleased and in love with our puppy that we are in the process of getting back on her waiting list for another. A Keeshond is such a wonderful breed of dog and Jodi makes sure that her Kees are the perfect companion dog not to mention absolutely gorgeous! We would recommend Erbekees to anyone that was looking for a Keeshond from a responsible breeder.

Jeff and Maribeth

Johnson City, TN

ERBEKEES-KEESHONDEN 433 Gunter Hollow RD Fayetteville, TN. 37334 931-557-8884 or 814-691-4902