2017 & 2018

Subject: Letter of Reference

This letter is to anyone who might be considering Jodi Erbe as a potential breeder for a Keeshond puppy. When I was searching for my puppy, I interviewed seven other breeders including three different ones that were in my State. Not that any of them weren’t outstanding, but my experience with Jodi just stood out so much that I wanted to talk to her further.

After talking to her, she willingly gave me some of her clients to call for reference. All the previous clients were very honest about their experience and they were much more experienced with Keeshonden than I. The references were nothing but positive.

I also spent a great deal of time going through her website and cross checking against other resources that I had found about the Keeshond breed. The website is absolutely fantastic and covers so much information to help owners be better and prepare them for their experience with their new puppy.

After all of that, I decided to go forward with purchasing my new puppy with Jodi and the experience was nothing less than phenomenal.

Jodi provided weekly updates via email on the progress of the puppies and a multitude of information on how we should be caring for the puppy once we made the pickup. Additionally, she provided weekly pictures of the puppies so we could visually see the puppies progress.

Jodi also provides a private facebook group that you can participate with if you like. I must say that my son, whom the puppy was for, spent quite a bit of time interacting with other owners that got their dogs from Jodi. It was a great experience for him and the community is very active.

Overall I would say the entire process far exceeded my expectations and I would do it again without hesitation if we decided to get another puppy. (we are definitely discussing it) When we picked up our little guy it was love at first site. He was so healthy and energetic. The travel experience was no problem at all and Jodi provided all the necessary documentation that you need to transition your new family member into a new health program.

It was wonderful being able to go to Jodi’s house and she warmly invited us in and we got to meet her and her husband along with all of her wonderful dogs. What an amazing experience!

I will gladly offer a recommendation to anyone interested in doing business with Jodi and you may call me at any time for a verbal reference. My family feels truly blessed that we met Jodi and were able to acquire one of her puppies.


Thornton, CO.

We were so impressed with Erbekees-Keeshonden! From the beginning, Jodi Erbe was very responsive and throughout the whole process she provided us with weekly updates, lots of helpful information and tons of pictures of the litter.

It is evident that she is a very responsible, careful and knowledgeable breeder. She goes above and beyond and everything is aboveboard. When we got our precious puppy, she gave us an impressive folder with all the information about our new fur baby’s history and all the paperwork was neatly organized.

We couldn't be happier with our lively, smart, beautiful, strong, perfect Keeshond puppy, Mia.

Thank you, Jodi!

Daniela, proud Mommy of an Erbekees Keeshond.

Charleston, SC.

If you're looking for a beautiful, strong and healthy, sweet and easy going puppy, this is the perfect breed(er)!

We have had such a wonderful experience getting our little puppy from Erbekees. Jodi Erbe did a fantastic job making sure she delivered the perfect puppy, and she went above and beyond to make sure we had everything we needed (questions, etc.) throughout the process of getting a puppy.

We have been very impressed with Erbekees as a business, and completely smitten with our puppy as our new beloved family member.

Ellen Rhea

Murfreesboro, TN.

Our Zeta is coming into her own and developing quite the little personality. She is smart, loving, sensitive, mischievous, loyal, playful, and did I mention MISCHIEVEOS.

All together she is more than a joy! We love her and look forward to growing with her.

We had an excellent time working with you. You took care of us and promptly answered all the questions that would arise along the way.

We greatly appreciated your dedication and the knowledge that you would share with us from the very start to the new beginning.

I want to say thank you and would highly recommend you to anyone looking for a Keeshond.

The amount of detail is impressive. Jodi, takes care of her puppies and it really shows.

Kind regards,

Josh & Karina

McAllen, TX.

I've had a wonderful experience with Erbekees-Keeshonden!

Having contacted a couple of other Keeshond breeders before settling on one, I chose Erbekees because of how friendly, responsive, and knowledgeable Jodi is. She consistently responded within 24 hrs over email (and happily provides her phone number as well), she provided all the information I might need, and she answered all my questions that came up throughout this process.

Having visited Jodi's home to pick out my puppy, it was clear that her Keeshonden are well taken care of and are happy members of her home!

Once the litter was born, she sent out detailed weekly updates including adorable pictures. Later, when it was time to pick up my sweet female, now named ''Holland'', she provided me with a really helpful ''puppy pack'' that included a binder with all of her recorded shots and information, some packs of the kibble she was used to, and a toy that smelled like mom! This is not to mention that my puppy already had her microchip!

Holland impressed my vet who's said she's a very healthy puppy and couldn't get enough of her! Personally, I'm over the moon with her as well! She's very confident and playful, and she's so bright! At 10 weeks old, she's already learned so much including sit, lie down, roll over, and leave it!

We just love her, Thanks Jodi!

Amber Charlottesville, VA.

We would like to share our warm and fuzzy experience with anyone who is considering becoming a prospective Keeshond owner.

We have never had such a positive and rewarding experience with a breeder as we have had with you. You put our mind to ease with all the information, updates, pictures, and ''puppy package'' that you provided from birth to adoption day.

We consider your knowledge, understanding, love, care, and the health of your puppies the utmost.

You have the finest Keeshond breeding facility that we have ever seen.

Having raised 4 Keeshond from different sources and geographical locations, having a puppy whose parent's origins began in Europe was especially gratifying.

We feel that your puppies are examples of what the breed should look and act like.

All puppies, are vibrant, healthy, and ready to share their love and companionship.

Beverly and I wish to recommend you, Jodi Erbe, and ErbeKees, to anyone looking for an exceptional Keeshond ''fur-baby''.


Larry and Beverly and ''Tennessee Renegade of ErbeKees'' (aka Miss Rennie)

Chesapeake, Ohio

We have had an absolutely amazing experience with Jodi from Erbekees. From the start it was clear she was very easy to talk to, and she answered all of my emails in a timely manner. From there I was pleasantly surprised by her weekly updates. They were incredibly informative, with info from our puppy's weekly development to her recommendations for what would be helpful to have when he came home, as well as many pictures of the litter. I looked forward to her email every week. When it was time to pick our puppy up, she had a whole ''puppy binder'' waiting for us. It was full of documentation from his vet visit, information about the breed, etc. She even had him microchipped for us already. I also got to sneak a peek at her puppy room and I loved how nice of a setup it was for them.

On top of that she frequently made it clear that if I had any questions to feel free to contact her. I ended up having some silly questions throughout the process and she never once made me feel like she didn't take them seriously. She even has an active Facebook group for all of her clients to post in for advice or even just adding pics of their Keeshond's antics. I love the community feel, and that Jodi is very active in it as well.

All in all I cannot list one single complaint about Jodi, her process, or the beautiful puppy who is the result of it all. I'm very glad we found her. Should another Keeshond family member be in our future we won't go anywhere but Erbekees.


Fowlerville, MI

June 2017

What an absolute blessing Jodi is! I was asked by one of my clients to locate a breeder for Keeshond puppy after his pup passed away. I did some research and located AKC breeders throughout the United States. I called two breeders that were located closer to his home and was very disappointed by the way they spoke to me and their disbelief that I was calling on behalf of a client. Although I understood their skepticism, it was their loss because I had a very wealthy client willing to fly their own corporate jet anywhere in the world to pick up their new puppy. Jodi was the only breeder who actually gave me a chance to explain the situation and was respectful and kind. I knew myself that if I was looking for a dog, she would be the one that I would choose after our interactions. In fact, she even scheduled me to come down and meet her and her family and to help her on the ranch for a vacation that she was planning. We all know that breeders don't get to go away very often and unfortunately the trip did not come together because one of the dogs was going to give birth to a litter. However I cannot tell you how impressed I was with her professionalism and her willingness to work with me and my client.

Thank you Jodi for all that you do!


Fairport, New York

JAN 2018

After having put down our nearly 14 year old mutt in November 2016, we made the decision to adopt a dog from Jodi with Erbekees in the late summer of 2017. The decision to get a Keeshond was due to experience---and realizing our daughter was not allergic to being around the breed (as we have family who have owned Keeshonds for many years). Our 5 year old daughter never had a problem with our own (previous) dog, perhaps it is that she was born into it and was immune; however, even around several hypoallergenic dogs, she had severe skin and respiratory allergic reactions. I will say, the only thing she does react to with the Kees is if the dog licks her face---so, clearly, we understand how to prevent those reactions now and identified that immediately.

I bring this background, only to provide one important point of view to us while choosing a dog for our family. The other major decision is how would this dog act around children? It is common for Keeshonds to be great family dogs, as they are generally great with children. Our Erbekees Keeshond has held true to that expectation. She is super playful and can, at times, be a little nippy… but it is her playful nature, still being a puppy (about 14 weeks). Our Erbekees loves to be by our side and under our feet---while she does enjoy playing ball and taking puppy naps in between.

We found Jodi upon doing research on the internet; in addition, we have family within a couple of hours of Jodi in Tennessee who also read the positive reviews on Erbekees. I called Jodi this summer and she was very helpful in answering all my questions about the breed, her process, her dogs, etc. Adoption expectations were thorough and very clear, as outlined in the application and reminded in weekly communication emails. Any time I had a question, I received thorough information in return---usually by email (my preference of communication in this case). Once we determined that we wanted a puppy from the Erbkees future litter, we began receiving regular email updates on the process which were always very informative. I, too, am on Facebook and follow/checked in on pictures and updates there. Just before Thanksgiving 2017, we made the journey from the Indianapolis area and our Erbekees has been with us since. Jodi was a pleasure to meet, very friendly, and the drive back to her house was gorgeous.

As far as our experience goes so far, we have not had any health issues other than a small hernia that will be fixed once we have the dog spayed at 4 months. Kassie, our “baby Kees” is coming along on housebreaking. From weeks 7-13, I personally set my alarm to make sure she was getting through the night; now, I can let her be in the crate and she is ok for about 7 or 8 hours. We began crate training with her by week 8 and if we are consistent with her, it reduces the opportunity to use the bathroom on our floors. We also have kept her pinned into a small area during this period. She now usually barks by the gates when she needs to go outside. For me personally (the mom), this has been the only true hard part of having a dog; however, this holds true to puppies in general.

Overall, if you are searching for a dog, I would consider contacting Jodi and having a conversation. Her knowledge and experience with breeding set me at ease. The dogs are of course beautiful (Kassie’s cuteness gets so many excited responses and reactions from people who have either seen her in person or in person, at the vet, etc…). Her attention to bloodlines and creating healthful, well-tempered dogs was priority to us. We look forward to the many years of bonding ahead.

Mandi and Jeremy Fagan | Zionsville, Indiana

JULY 2018

My Wife and I were in the market for a puppy as first time dog owners. We had done our research for breeds that would fit our lifestyle and discovered the Keeshond. We instantly fell in love with their beautiful coats, their playful their temperament and fit as a family companion.

After getting in touch with other breeders during the information gathering phase, we found that many tend to be very unresponsive and not as transparent with their breeding methods as we'd like. We consider ourselves careful buyers, and prefer breeders who aren't just interested in selling pets, but forming relationships with their customers.

Our initial preference was to find local breeders who we could visit before making a decision to purchase. A quick AKC Marketplace search brought us to Jodi's listing, which was far from us but had the most information available. We decided to reach out through email, and she responded the same day. Jodi was more than willing to answer any questions we had through email, and made us feel comfortable throughout the whole process. She is very knowledgeable, and follows a breeding program that shows she truly cares about all of her pups.

Unlike other breeders, Jodi welcomes customers to her home for personal visits, and is not hesitant to provide references from previous buyers. There's also a wonderful Facebook group with pictures of her dams and sires, with updates from current owners. After reading many glowing reviews, we felt comfortable enough to decide on bringing home our beautiful girl Aria.

We highly recommend Jodi to first and long time dog owners, you will not be disappointed!

Best Wishes,

Jonathan and Melissa

ERBEKEES-KEESHONDEN 433 Gunter Hollow RD Fayetteville, TN. 37334 931-557-8884 or 814-691-4902