AKC Colors and Markings

I would like to add some information about AKC acceptable colors for the keeshond.

AKC does allow for several ''Alternative'' colors and they can be registered just as the standard colors.

Please do notice, Parti-Colored keeshonden are not considered or accepted by AKC and for good reason. They simply are not a color of the breed.

If you purchase or see for purchase a Parti-Colored keeshond there is a very high likely hood that it comes from a mix breed and not an AKC registered full blood keeshond.

AKC is the only registry that actually verifies parentage with AKC DNA samples to ensure that the breed lines have not been cross bred.

AKC DNA testing information link:

I do also want to stress that AKC DNA profiles can be faked by simply getting the sample from one dog and saying it belongs to another.

AKC allows for breeders to obtain sampling by themselves and require ZERO proof that the sample was taken from said dog.

Very good example would be if a breeder has more than one breed in their possession, let’s just say Keeshonds and Aussies, if a sample was taken from the Aussie and sent in stating that the sample was taken from a Keeshond well AKC would accept that without question.

So it would be very easy to fake a result, further when that male was used for breeding then any offspring produced by the “fake” DNA profile would match the DNA sample.

If you are purchasing any breed with unusual color you would want to AKC DNA sample, SIRE-DAM-PUPPY, not just PUPPY.

Here is a link about parentage FAQs:

AKC DNA test can be obtained on the website if breeder is unwilling to provide.

If any potential client has doubt of my white puppies please feel free to ask me to allow for samples of my dogs, taken by you when you visit.

I will pay for all 3 test and I also would like to add that all my dogs are micro chipped and I have my own personal scanner at my home to prove the identity of all my dogs.

Again just a little research into your breeder will provide you with the security that you are getting exactly what you are being told. Please do not hesitate to ask your breeder for proof of their claims.

AKC Colors and Markings information link:

Below is a list of the colors and markings available for this breed. Please refer to the breed standard for descriptions and the difference in types.

Description: The name of the color and/or markings.

Type: Standard or alternate. This is the classification of the color for show purposes. Please refer to the breed standard for specifics regarding this breed.

Code: This is the code entered on an application for registration of a dog.


Description Type Code

Black & Silver - S 016

Gray & Black - S 101

Gray Cream & Black - S 321

Gray Silver & Black - S 108

Silver & Black - S 177

Wolfgray & Black - S 228

Black - A 007

Gray - A 100

Silver - A 176

Tawny - A 198

White - A 199

Wolfgray - A 227

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