I would like to take a moment and share a little about my inspiration for breeding Keeshonden and a little about myself.

My name is Jodi Erbe. I am married and have 3 children: Corey, Josh and

Elizabeth, and the reason you are all looking at my site, let's not forget my dogs:

Kovi, Kash, Keyna, Kaci, Karli, Koie, Keera, Kaya, Kassy, Koko, Kismet, Kalea and Kevrika.

We have relocated to Fayetteville, Tennessee June of 2016. We decided to buy our own place this year to help with the expanding kennel, we wanted a more customized space for our dogs and puppies. Our new dog room is more than double the space we had and accommodates 2 full 8x8 whelping areas along with a full grooming area where I can bathe/groom all the dogs and puppies and still have plenty of space for romping during those rainy days! I have 2 outside kennels for the puppies to play in during good weather and 2 separate dog yards for adults or puppies to run and play in, so ample space for all outside activities.

Fayetteville is nestled in Southern Middle Tennessee; farmland and many horse ranches surround us. Lewisburg is about 30 minutes away and is home to the Tennessee Walking Horse Association. While we love the peace and quiet that country living has to offer we can still enjoy big city life with Nashville, TN and Huntsville, Alabama about an hour’s drive.

As a child growing up we had many animals including cattle, horses, chickens, geese, pigs, goats and many different dog breeds. My childhood has inspired my love of animals and now my overwhelming love for Keeshonden. After sharing my life with animals and having them always being a welcomed daily influence, I felt it only appropriate to become a Keeshonden breeder.

I began this journey with my first keeshond, Keeffer. I bought him as a Christmas gift for my young boys back in 1991. I was totally unaware of this breed at the time but fell in love with his adorable looks and loving personality. We were all immediately entranced by his beauty and love for family. He inspired my love for this breed and I have owned nothing but keeshonden ever since.

He will be forever missed.

My desire to begin breeding the keeshonden was partly due to my personal experience with animals but most of all the desire to make available a better quality puppy from a better quality parent. I have found over the years that there are 2 kinds of breeders, one being companion breeders and the other being show breeders.

Although there are a few good companion breeders out there, more then most are breeding untested and what I see as “average” kees. There is no consideration to any genetic faults or illness and there is no screening what so ever to their Keeshonden. Many claim to have a background of health tested parents but there is no proof on OFA or anywhere of that.

Throughout my life I have always strived for better things and to always improve whatever it may be that I am involved in, whether career, family, lifestyle etc. That has also reflected in my continuing to better my breeding practices. I strive to find top quality keeshonden for breeding and I complete all the recommended health testing at appropiate ages per OFA guideline for Keeshonden. Results are posted in ''Meet my Keeshonden'' as they are completed.

Over the past few years I have been searching to locate keeshonden from breeders that I felt comfortable with. More recently I have taken my search abroad and have found lines that I feel are exceptionally beautiful and in my opinion do not compare to the companion keeshonds available. I have been very successful in obtaining a few new girls this year for future breeding. They are exceptional in everyway and I am so excited to have them here in our home.

I have always been drawn to the look of the “Show Kees” but I have found that is hard, if not next to impossible to find with the keeshonden breeders who breed for companion only. I hope to change that. I am bringing the show line quality puppies with generation after generation of health testing to the average family who are not looking for show dogs but still want the exceptional quality, incomparable beauty and a background of solid health.

Breeding Keeshonden has been an extremely fulfilling experience for me. I have met many, many wonderful people and I enjoy a long-term relationship with most of my clients. I have many clients who continue to come and visit and I have many who have added one, two, even three of my keeshonden to their family!

I am always available for suggestions, help or just chitchat to all of the people that have one of my puppies and even ones that don’t.

I am open to help anyone with the purchase of a keeshond whether from me or someone else if I do not have puppies available. I do refer a couple breeders if I do not have puppies. The end goal for me is to see healthy keeshonden with families.

I have and will continue to, at anytime, to take one of my puppies back due to life changes, which no longer allow you to keep your keeshond.

Due to this I occasionally do have adult keeshonds available for placement, if you are interested in an older keeshond please email me and I will keep your info and let you know if one becomes available.

I am forever committed to my puppies if the need ever arises.

Thank you for looking at my website, be sure and check out my picture gallery at the bottom left of the pages, and if ever I can help with your search for a kees please just let me know.

931-557-8884 Office

814-691-4902 Cell

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ERBEKEES-KEESHONDEN 433 Gunter Hollow RD Fayetteville, TN. 37334 931-557-8884 or 814-691-4902