So many people ask me what, if any, are the differences between Male vs Female.

The biggest thing to me would be the size difference, males tend to run about 10 lbs more than females.

Coats are a bit different as well, the males tend to have a much fuller mane or ruff.

As far as personalities go I feel the males have much fuller personalities. Prior to me breeding I had males exclusively as pets for about 15 years so I very much would choose a male over a female if looking for a family pet. It has been my personal experience that to me the males are far more attentive, affectionate and just more comical. My males have been much more of the “velcro” dogs then females.

I will be quick to say that females, for some reason, have always been much more sought out and I consistently have far more deposits for females than males. Most people will pass on males and continue to wait for females if I do not have them available in a littler.

I once had this discussion with a client and they also preferred males and made this statement to me:

Girls are all about “What can You do for Me”

Boys are all about “What can I do for You”

This has rang true to me with every male I have ever owned, they just are far more in tune with their person.

Males are also thrown into the stereotype that they tend to be humpers and markers BUT I fully believe if you have this issue, this is a training issue more than anything. I have never experienced this with my neutered males over the years. Even my stud dogs that go on to new homes and get neutered at a later age, after breeding, do not show this behavior.

Most of us who seek out this breed know they are just amazing companions be it male or female but my personal preference would always be a male over a female any day. The ONLY deciding factor that would sway me to female would be for people who have issues lifting and maybe the smaller dog would be a better fit. End of the day my puppies go as companionship and on spay/neuter contracts so they all end up altered.

I would very much suggest if you insist on female only because that is all you have ever had, you might want to broaden your search to allow consideration of a male. They truly should not be overlooked just because of their gender, they too make phenomenal companions.

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