I wanted to give everyone an overview of what to expect when purchasing an ERBEKEES puppy. This is just some information about what I do and how I interact with the puppies and my clients during the 8 weeks while you wait to bring home puppy.

Once puppies are born I send out announcements to all puppy buyers and give all information about the whelp and puppies born. I will at that point sort out puppies in order of deposit. Some people may not get the sex that they requested so they are given the opportunity to change sex or wait for next litter. Due to this your original pick number can change. After all have informed me of their choices I will list out 1st names of the litter in order by sex so everyone knows what pick they are.

On the day of whelp and every week following I do weekly updates with puppy weights and milestones along with pictures of the puppies. Throughout the 8 weeks I also include much information about general things such as things you will need for new puppy, training tips, grooming tools and much more.

Our puppies are born in our home and are kept in the house solely for the 1st 4-5 weeks.

I follow the steps of Bio Sensor and the Rule of 7 to make sure that each and every puppy is well adjusted and socialized before they go to their new forever home.

The puppies receive daily stimulation, my daughter also plays with them daily to get them accustom to little people, they are held, snuggled and talked to daily, as they get older they are exposed to our other animals.

As my puppies grow I lay the groundwork for house training and simple commands, they will come when you call them and I also teach them their name if the new owners have one picked out for them.

During the 1st 5 weeks the puppies grow in leaps and bounds and each week you will see an obvious change in the puppies. They open their eyes week 2 and by week 3 they are lifting those fat little bellies off the floor. Weeks 4 and 5 they are mastering the basic skills such as walking, playing and learning to eat solid foods.

I do weekly pictures as a group until the puppies are 5 weeks old, at that time the puppies each get their own collar and I start to take pictures individually so new puppy owners can start to choose their puppies. I do picks in order of deposit so it is based on a 1st come 1st pick order. I always suggest if you are able to come in person to make your choice that you come at week 6, prior to this time the puppies are not quite as individual. I also like to ask that all the picks be in by middle of week 7 so that all puppy buyers know which puppy they are getting and each person can make their travel plans as needed and not have to wait on others in front of them to make their choice.

Please note:

I do not send video of puppies or email pictures due to internet connection speeds. I post weekly pictures in our client group on facebook, Keeshonden by ERBEKEES'', and I also keep an album in You must have access to one of these to see the pictures.

At week 6 all puppies go to my vet for their 1st check up. Each and every puppy gets a full routine check up along with a stool sample obtained for testing for parasites. Each puppy receives a “Report Card” showing an exam from head to toe was done; it reveals the results of the stool sample so that you will know before you get your puppy if he/she has been treated for worms.

Many breeders will say “all puppies have worms”, this is true BUT they CAN be rid of them by week 6 with a consistent de-worming schedule.

I consider de-worming a big part of proper preventive care; it is a simple and very affordable treatment, one that should not be skipped by breeders.

The puppies also at this time get their microchip. The numbers are documented both with my vet and myself so there is no confusion as to which puppy is which. I match microchip numbers with registration numbers and puppies are each registered with that chip number so that they can be traced back to me if ever the need arises.

I can verify microchip numbers when picking up puppies and also so anyone can see the microchip numbers of my adult dogs to verify they match my test results as listed on the health certificates and OFA board. It has been rumored that there are breeders out there who steal others test results. Knowing this I wanted to be able to prove on the spot that my dog’s results do in fact belong to them.

By the end of week 7 I end up with an album of over 500 puppy pictures that I have shared with the new puppy owners. I burn a CD of all pictures taken of the litter and include this in your folder when you pick your puppy up. Included in your folders are complete records of everything you will need for your new puppy, copies of all health testing certificates, copies of AKC/CKC and foreign pedigrees, litter pedigree from AKC, Report card for each individual puppy, microchip information for registration, my vets information if you have any questions about your new puppy or my adults, I include an overall information pamphlet about the Keeshonden breed, a booklet about puppy care, copies of all agreements you have signed and of course several business cards for you with all my information on them.

I offer a lifetime of support and friendship to all my clients; I stay in contact with everyone with announcements and updates throughout the years. I have a total open door policy, anyone is welcome in my home to meet our family and our dogs, I am open to share all my vet information with clients and I proudly post all my health testing publicly.

If a breeder does not post on the OFA website you have to wonder why not!

This is the highest point of pride for a breeder and I feel testing results should be available for verification.

Many breeders do steal results and that is a reason they do not post them, it is easy to copy certificates and make up fake numbers on them. VERIFY the certificate numbers are legitimate and belong to the dog being advertised.

I am always available for help or suggestions if you struggle with training or any other issues that may occur with new puppies and adults. Our puppies much like children go through many stages over the years and you just never know what you will face as time goes on. Whether is it silly things they do that we all love to laugh about or a well-behaved adult who may be picking up a bad habit, I am always available for help and suggestions?

I am thrilled to say this year, September 2013, I also started a yearly Kee-Union for all my clients where they can come to the ranch and spend the weekend camping, canoeing, horseback riding, enjoy some good food, good music along with getting to know other keeshond owners from ERBEKEES. It is a wonderful opportunity for your kees to meet siblings and a wonderful experience to meet others who share our love for our kees.

I am hoping this event gets bigger and bigger over the years and I very much look forward to seeing my grown puppies and their people every year.

If you have any questions about any of the above topics give me a call or jot and email and I can give more information about what to expect over the 8 weeks as your puppy grows.

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