I wanted to add this to the website since I have had much confusion and conflict on this topic. I do want every client to be aware of exactly how I work the picking order. I have done this many years and my system has proven to be the best and most fair to all clients involved.

My only other option is to NOT allow people to make picks and assign puppies to families. I do not want to do that as I feel part of this process, and the best part, is being able to choose which puppy you are getting before you come to pick up at 8 weeks old.

I will try and explain as simply as I can but if anyone is still confused please call and discuss with me.

All deposits are held by date so the earliest date gets 1st pick and I work down the deposit list in that order. Once puppies are born and we know how many and what sexes I will contact each person in order to confirm if they want a male or female from the available puppies. If I do not have the sex you originally wanted you have the option to choose from available sex or wait for the next litter. If you chose to wait you continue to hold your spot in the list minus any clients who now have a puppy.

On week #5 I put colored collars on the puppies and I begin doing individual pictures for clients. Once the pictures go out the people who have the 1st pick of the litter for both male and female have 24 hours to choose their puppy from all available of the sex you chose. If you fail to give your pick within the 24 hours you simply forfeit your choice to pick and will be given the last available puppy. If you will be out of town please plan accordingly.

You have the option to come in person or choose from pictures. I will add that I will give you your picking date normally in the birth or 1 week update so you have time to plan for travel. These dates only apply to picking in person. If you are not making the trip to make your pick in person than your pick will be up when I email and announce your name, you will then only have 24 hours to give me your choice of puppy. If your picking dates do not work with your schedule you can come early and make more than one pick. Example: If you are picking a girl and there are 5 girls and you are pick #3 you can rank the puppies as 1st pick, 2nd pick, 3rd pick. Then when your day is up to choose you will know which to pick from the available puppies.

Many times people will pick within the hour of it being their turn so you will need to be prepared to give you pick anytime that week. You will need to be watching your email that week so you do not lose your turn. I will not be responsible for making several attempts to contact you, I will ONLY send emails and it is your responsibility to be watching during week 5.

The purpose of giving only 24 hours is so that at birth those who will travel here to make picks in person have appropriate time to plan the trip here. In all honesty your puppy will change dramatically over the next year, many times they change by the day it seems so waiting a week or 2 weeks you will continue to see such a difference in each puppy that to me there really is no perfect way to choose a puppy anyway. Over the years it has just been getting harder and harder as everyone wants to wait until 8 weeks and make their pick in person or wait for the next round of pictures but I just cannot do that. All my clients travel anywhere from 2 to 20 hours to get here and this has proven to be the best way to do this.

I will stress I no longer deviate from this in anyway, it is my policy and as I said I find it the most fair to all. If you want to see the puppies before you pick you must plan to travel here in the 24 hour time you will have to make your pick. I will no longer wait or give extensions for any reason, it just is not fair to make others in the litter have to wait.

I will also explain that I do stand back and let clients fully choose and give no suggestions or help in this. Please do not ask for me to tell you about the puppies as I will refer you back to this information. I just will not do it anymore. Being that picks start at week 5 their personalities are just barely showing and over the next 3 weeks can change in many ways so I no longer “label” my opinion of the puppies due to a past conflicts I have had with clients. I can no longer allow myself to be in a situation where other clients may feel I am steering clients one way or another. I am sorry for this but unfortunately anymore it is very hard to keep all clients on an even playing field. When you pick your new puppy it is 100% your decision, all I do anymore is provide the pictures from which to do so.

If you are looking for something specific about a puppy then I stress for you to come in person and make your pick.

I know this seems strict but it has become a huge issue in the past where people want to wait and truth is every week you will see something different in the puppies so when picking from a picture I do need choices done quickly so everyone can know their puppy. I will say there is not a bad one in the bunch and I have always believed that although what I do is extremely important in development it is what you do from 8 weeks to maturity that will mold and create their personality.

I have well over 190 clients now in my facebook group and they will all tell you that whether they had pick #1 or the last available puppy they all will say that they received the absolute best puppy in the litter! That truly is a testament to the breed and to my breeding program. There just is not a bad pick.

My puppies are breed for temperament and health and I do not feel that one puppy is less desirable then the other. It is no doubt that there are different personalities, strengths and weaknesses BUT I believe that it is what you as the new owners do with your puppies in the weeks and months to come that really make the puppy what it becomes as an adult. It is your training skills and your consistency that makes the puppy either well behaved or not so well behaved. I believe a good trainer/leader can take any puppy in a litter whether dominant or submissive and have an extremely positive outcome if they are willing to do the work. If you struggle with training or any behavior issues I urge you to seek help from a professional trainer as soon as possible.

I have always believed that bad behavior is taught by the person holding the leash and not the fault of your puppy/dog.

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