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October 2014

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Looking for a loving puppy? It's all in the breeder's upbringing; and with Erbekees that's exactly what they stand behind. If you're looking for that breeder who's heart melts at being plowed over by little four legged fuzz balls...... Then look no further.

Jodi Erbe has healthy happy pups all over the country and there's good reason for it. Upon our first conversation I knew Jodi was the breeder for us. Those puppies health and happiness are a priority to Jodi. They raise their pups amongst family with children involved and it shows. We have the sweetest little keeshond from the day we picked her up. Healthy, beautiful, sweet temperament, spunky, playful and such an affectionate pup. I'd go back for others in a heartbeat and will someday.


Ft Wayne, IN


October 2014

About a year and a half ago, my boyfriend and I decided that adding a four-legged companion to our family would be a wonderful decision. We spent months scouring the Internet and visiting shelters, trying to find our perfect match. To our dismay, many breeders and adoptions agencies didn't take us seriously the second we mentioned 1) we are both in our early twenties, 2) we aren't married yet and 3) we live in an apartment complex. I was utterly heartbroken knowing that we weren't being given the chance to give a puppy a loving and active home that we know we could provide.

A few weeks later I stumbled across the Erbekees website and smiled as I read all of the glowing reviews. I sent Jodi an honest and heartfelt email about my interest in her keeshonden. To my compete and total surprise, the return email came within hours and wasn't a blatant rejection like the rest. Jodi said she could see the passion I had for dogs and thought my boyfriend and myself would provide a loving home. She kept in touch with us throughout the whole process and provided information above and beyond the status quo of breeders.

7 months later we brought home our little baby boy. Simply saying that purchasing a puppy from The Erbekees family was a great decision would be a drastic understatement: it was the best decision of our lives. Our little Zuko is smart, loving, energetic and most importantly healthy. Jodi invests every ounce of love and energy into her puppies and clients and the results are amazing.

Thank you Jodi for giving us a chance and raising such wonderful and beautiful keeshonden! We are forever grateful!

Roiya and Marcus

St. Petersburg, FL


November 21, 2013

My family began looking for a Keeshond puppy after we recently lost our Keeshond. We started looking for breeders on the AKC website and Jodi stood out right away for winning the Breeder of Merit Award for 2013. We now have a beautiful little girl and she is a wonderful, happy, healthy puppy!

We were a little nervous buying a puppy sight unseen but Jodi made it so easy. We received weekly updates with pictures galore. We could email her with any questions and always got an immediate response. There were no surprises.

We would definitely recommend Jodi to anybody looking for a Keeshond.


Knoxville, TN


Nov. 2013

My husband and I bought 2 puppies recently from Erbekees. I checked many breeders on-line as there aren't many in our area. I soon determined that Jodi was the breeder we wanted. She is determined to raise healthy, socialized puppies. Although the male puppy, Duke did not take well to the crate, the female was fine. Neither one was carsick but Duke let us know he wanted out. They have made themselves right at home. Jodi is so helpful and very knowledgeable about the Keeshond breed. It was so great to see the pictures of the puppies as they grew and to be updated on their progress She goes above and beyond what I have ever heard of any breeder. I don't think you could find a better breeder.


Evansville, IN


August 2013

Internet puppy buying – we have all heard the news – buyer beware! Puppy Millers! Bad! Only buy from reputable dealers. Now that I have your attention – I want you to know that Jodi Erbe IS a REPUTABLE DEALER – in fact she has been awarded the CKC Breeder of Merit for the Year 2013. That is no simple task or accomplishment. My personal experience with Jodi was like yours – it began with the internet and an email, and ended with me buying a new companion for our home. I did not come to Jodi on a whim but I talked with several breeders, and I felt she was the one I wanted to build that lifelong client relationship with. Your breeder should stand behind you and your pup. Jodi does this, and it begins with the pre-breeding testing and results. What I found was she breeds for temperament, health, and smarts – those things are what you want in your Kees – nothing more or less will do. If you want to talk to her vet, that’s okay, if you have a question about how often she breeds her girls, she will tell you. Again, this openedness is unusual, and it makes things very fluid for you as the buyer. If you are wondering about how the dogs are marked – they are stunning. Plan on being asked about your striking pup when you take them out in public. If you are wondering yes, Jodi is personable and makes this about you, your family, your home, and your new companion. She is easy to talk with and shares her plethora of Keeshond information openly without you feeling silly for asking your question. Trust me here – I have asked her about every small detail from how to fix runny stools from me incorrectly feeding to what type of tub do I need to bathe my pup. Jodi does a tremendous job keeping you up-to-date on your new pup from the birth to when you pick them up. There are weekly updates/pictures, emails, and contacts. Those emails are fantastic because you always know how all of the pups are doing not just one. This type of planning and attention to detail is very rare and first rate! From the beginning of this journey to the middle of it, and finally when I went to Jodi’s home to meet her, meet her beautiful well-mannered Kees, and pick up my own pup, it has been a joyous adventure. I look forward to several years of working with Jodi as I continue to raise my Kees pup and get him ready for the world of AKC agility/rally competitions. Bravo to Jodi and her gorgeous Kees! If you want to visit with me further to verify my experiences, please email me or give me a call. I LOVE talking about my Kees!


Omaha, NE


July 2013

Our pup Rizzo was born on May 2nd 2013 and we couldn’t have had a better experience. I searched and researched on the internet, I was very happy when I found Jodi. We started communicating back in January and Jodi was always making sure to respond to my questions and concerns. I was hesitant at first to get another pup but Jodi did not push or try to do a “sell job.” The decision was completely mine and we couldn’t be happier. Jodi has followed through with everything that she has told she would do. You can really tell that her dogs are a passion in her life.

The drive down to Tennessee was a long one from Michigan but very well worth it. Putting a face behind all the email communications was very nice. I was concerned that the drive back up to Michigan would be a rough one. I was also bringing back one of Rizzo’s brothers for another person in Michigan. However, Jodi gave us some tips about keeping the air conditioner on and having an open vent by them. Both pups did so well on the long ride home and were so good. You couldn’t ask for better travelers.

Rizzo has blended right in with the family and is learning quickly. With some helpful tips from Jodi, Rizzo is now kennel trained and is very comfortable with being inside of it. I couldn’t believe how easily Rizzo took to it. I have been impressed with how quickly Rizzo has adapted to our family routine and fit in with our two dogs. I would definitely recommend Jodi to anyone who asks me about getting a Keeshond. I am looking forward to many happy years with Rizzo as being a part of our family.


Ypsilanti, Michigan


Jan 2013

I cannot say enough good things about Jodi and her Keeshonds. I had the privilege of traveling to Tennessee to pick up my little one and Jodi’s overwhelming hospitality was above and beyond. From the initial email inquiring about her latest puppies, Jodi was professional, understanding and very helpful. I had a Keeshond, Psyche, for 13 years and Jodi was an awesome person to talk to about her and what she meant to me. She really understood and worked with me to make the decision to bring another pup into my home. We shared stories of her Keeshonds and the journey that brought her to where she is now.

I was overwhelmed by her love for the breed and while this can’t be financially lucrative, she is obviously in this just because of her passion for spreading the good word about Keeshonds. It was really helpful to see where the puppies live and to meet mom and dad. Her house was very clean and her dogs were all well behaved. If prospective puppy owners are able to make the journey to Tennessee, I highly recommend it.

The journey home with the little one, Thalia, was so easy. Jodi recommended turning on the AC if she got wiggly or agitated (we were traveling back to Vermont and it was a very long drive). The cool breeze on her nose put her right to sleep and she slept for a majority of the trip. That’s a lot to ask of a puppy and I could not have been prouder of her. I like to think she is such a great dog now because of those first couple months with Jodi and her family.

Thalia is now 4 months old and goes everywhere with me. I love telling people about the breed and our trip to Tennessee. Everyone comments on how well behaved she is and just how gorgeous the breed is. I’ve even sent someone else to Jodi that has a deposit down on a new puppy. Thalia’s brother will be living one block away from us here in Vermont and I look forward to lots of play dates.

Thank you Jodi, once again but not the last time, for being available the entire time during this process.

Again, I highly recommend Jodi Erbe for any of your Keeshond needs.


Burlington, Vermont


July 2013

We've had our little boy & girl for just over 3 weeks and we want you to know how happy we are!! From the beginning we could tell that Jodi loves this breed and we were impressed with all the testing you do! We have adopted from other breeders in the past (even ''show'' breeders) and sadly our keeshonds did not live as long as they should have.

Our Vet said we have two very healthy puppies.

I would urge anyone looking for a keeshond to adopt a puppy (or 2) from Erbekees. Jodi is a responsible breeder and she ALWAYS returns calls/emails. NO other breeder we have encountered has kept in contact with us after the ''deal is done''. Jodi is also extremely organized and on top of all the paperwork. We appreciated all the time she spent posting weekly pics of the one else has ever done this !!! Jodi truly loves this breed and her kees are very well taken care of. I wouldn't hesitate to adopt from Jodi again !!

Joe & Barb

Buffalo, NY


It was so nice meeting with you and establishing a friendship. My puppy is awesome! She wakes only once a night to take care of her ''business'' and is learning sit and shake. I did want to emphasize that you are raising quality companions. Having both parents on-site is really great. I am always concerned about purchasing a dog from a puppy mill and I can wholeheartedly say that you certainly are not a puppy mill. Your house and kennels were clean and tidy and your dogs love you. Dogs develop this ''love'' by the companionship that is provided in your home. Thank you Jodi for my precious Bella.


Petersburg, TN


July 2012

To anyone interested in an Erbekees pup:

My husband and I recently adopted two female Keeshond pups from Jodi Erbe of Erbekees. We have been the parents of several Keeshonden over the past 21 years and after losing our elderly male, were on a search for a reputable breeder for our next pup.

We were doing a national search and wanted to find a conscientious breeder who was concerned with the health of the overall breed. We were excited to find all the criteria we were looking for on the Erbekees website and even more thrilled that Erbekees was located in the same state, only 4 hours away. We immediately contacted Jodi and made arrangements to visit Erbekees when the current litter was five weeks old. There were only two female pups who were not spoken for and we wanted to take a look at them and check out Erbekees as well.

When we arrived at Jodi’s house we were warmly greeted by her adult Keeshonden, all of which were incredibly good looking, friendly, happy, and healthy. We were last on the list for puppy picking, but after spending an afternoon with the pups, it was clear that there was not a bad choice among them. All of the pups were in excellent health and had incredibly happy dispositions.

We were also very impressed with Jodi’s dedication to this breed. It was very clear how devoted she is to her own dogs and to the breed as a whole. For those of you considering purchasing a pup from Erbekees who may not have the benefit of living close enough for a visit, Jodi Erbe is exactly what you are looking for in a breeder.


Knoxville, TN


June 2011

I am writing this letter of recommendation to inform any potential adoptive parents about the wonderful experience that my family had with Jodi and Erbekees. After losing our first Keeshond, Casey, after 14 years we were bereft. We knew that we wanted to bring another dog into our home and that we wanted it to be a Keeshond. Now the task was mine to find a reputable breeder. I contacted every breeder that put info out on the web. It soon became clear that Jodi stood out from the rest. She answered my questions promptly, both by email and phone, and it was apparent to me that she loves her dogs. She sent many pictures of past litters as well. Once I felt comfortable with Jodi I sent a deposit. Then the fun really began. I got weekly updates complete with pictures of the current litter. I couldn’t wait for each Thursday to get the new info. When the puppies were about 6 ½ weeks old I drove to Maryland with my family to make our selection. It was an amazing afternoon playing with the puppies! Each one was sweet, friendly and affectionate. There was not a bad one in the bunch. I am confident I would have been thrilled with any one that we chose. In fact I told my husband to make the pick because I would never have been able to do it. When we went to pick up Bodi Jodi had put together a folder for us with all of her medical info and some info about the breed as well. Jodi was also available by phone if we had questions, even though she was in the process of moving to Tennessee. She still made sure that she followed up with us.

We have had Bodi home for almost 3 weeks now and she is a pure delight. She is friendly to everyone that she sees, including other dogs. Every time we take her out people remark about how cute and well behaved she is. When we took her for her first visit to our vet he pronounced her “One terrific puppy, definitely a winner” We completely agree! She is doing very well with her training, as she is eager to please us (and she likes the treats). We could not be happier with our puppy or with Jodi.

Please feel free to contact me if you have questions or want further information about my experience.



Oradell, NJ


August 4th, 2012

To anyone looking for a Keeshond puppy:

When my family decided we wanted a Keeshond puppy we looked for a breeder in Colorado and couldn’t find one with a litter. We searched the internet and found Jodi and Erbekees. I was nervous about buying a puppy long distance, but after a few emails and a phone call, I became very comfortable working with Jodi. She answered my questions quickly and honestly, and I definitely appreciated that. I could tell that she is passionate about her “babies” and does everything in her power to keep them safe and healthy. She also shows concern for the breed as a whole and ensures that her dogs are tested for genetic issues before she breeds them. Our pup’s litter had just been born a couple of days before I contacted Jodi, and for the next 7 weeks she kept all the new owners informed with weekly updates and photos. It was strange making a “pick” from pictures but much easier than I thought it would be.

Jodi worked with us to find the best way to deliver our little fuzzball, Kato, to us; it ended up that her parents met us halfway in Oklahoma. Jodi’s parents gave us a binder with all kinds of useful information, including test results from Kato’s parents….along with a jar of homemade pickles! My only regret is that we weren’t able to meet Jodi in person, but thanks to so many emails, I don’t really think it was necessary. I was very confident that the puppies were well cared for during those first two important months.

I can’t say enough good things about this experience. We have a wonderful little guy (only 10 weeks old now) who is already a member of our family…and I’m pretty sure he thinks he’s the most important member! He’s a lot of fun and has a playful Keeshond “smile”. We look forward to many happy years with him.

Deb and family

Colorado Springs, CO


NOV 2009

Hi Jodi,

Everyone is doing well. Kyler and Kenji are Kasey's parents from the November 2009 litter. Kasey is such a sweet dog and we all love him even when he steals everyone's property. His temperment could not be better and will not growl ,snap or be aggressive even around his bowl or when I do something he doesn't like such as brushing, or cleaning him. He is very friendly with new people and other dogs.H e is extremely confident and nothing seems to phase him. I am so happy with Kasey and feel like I have a great friend and think he is the best dog in the world. As you know, it can be intimidating buying online but you made the whole experience better than when my kids were born with weekly updates and photos. If I ever get another dog this is the only breed and breeder I would want. How you deal with 3 or more kees in the house with there constant playing,stealing and teasing must be your love of the breed. Once you have a keeshond you will never want any other breed because you will be addicted and no other breed will do.

You made the whole puppy buying experience great and I really appreciate all the extra things you did during the process. Good luck to you and your family and if I can help you just let me know.


Vineland, NJ


FEB 2011

To whom it may concern,

This letter of recommendation is for Jodi Erbe of Erbekees. There are several points would like to make in this letter.

First Keeshonds are a fantastic family dog. They are extremely alert, smart and love to be with their family. They are a bundle of fun that people who love dogs will certainly enjoy. You would be hard pressed to find a cuter dog either.

Our experience with Jodi could not have been any better. She and her family are all very involved in the care of her puppies. As a result, the puppies are very well socialized to people by the time they go home with their new owners. We visited the entire litter on a weekly basis until our choice of puppies was made and she came home with us. Not only did Jodie make us feel welcome by opening up her home to us, she actually encouraged people to visit because it is a positive experience for the puppies and new owners.

Jodi also takes pictures of the puppies on a regular basis and posts them so you and your friends can see the puppies as they develop in their early days. Even my coworkers commented on how well Jodi did this. They constantly asked me to show them the updated pictures of the puppies. We believe this helps new owners bond with the puppies even before they come home.

Jodi has a very high level of knowledge about Keeshonds and shares her knowledge freely. We expect to have Ruby for quite some time, but if we met anyone who was interested in a Keeshond, then the one and only person we would recommend is Jodi Erbe.


Jim and Mindy

Laurel, MD.


April 2011

Dear Jodi,

I hope this finds you well. We are having such a blast with Clancy and love him so dearly. He truly is our “child” and spoiled as such. This picture is actually from last Christmas when he was 8 months old. You can see how big and handsome he is now on my facebook page. This past year Clancy completed “Advanced” Obedience Training, competed in a Dock Dogs Event (he jumped 10’2 into the pool), finished twice as Reserve Best in Show in the altered division in the UKC, has recently begun Agility Lessons again and you should be proud to know that Clancy is the 1st officially certified Intermediate AND Advanced Trick Dog Keeshond!!

Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas.


Upper Marlboro, MD


June 2011

To: Prospective Clients of

Jodi Erbe

To whom it may concern:

We cannot speak highly enough of Jodi Erbe and would highly recommend her services

as a breeder to anyone looking for well bred puppies.

We were lucky enough to purchase two puppies from the same litter from Jodi in June of

2011 and we visited the puppies at her home during the weeks before we picked the

puppies up.

The puppies had a clean and well maintained yard, kennel area, and indoor area to eat,

sleep and play. They were well cared for by Jodi and she provided excellent up to date

veterinary records as well.

These are our 4th and 5th Keeshond pups and they are happy, healthy and a joy...we

could not be happier.

Our puppies, Ico and Kira are wonderful. They are sweet, loving, playful, smart, and it is truly a heartfelt joy to have them greet you when you come in the door.

They love the kiddie pool and Kira loves to taunt Ico with a toy and draw him into chasing her. Kira is swift and agile and will stalk in slow step across the floor to then pounce on her brother who will most likely roll over on his back and allow her to attack, for a while. Ico is a big sweet lug (now nicknamed Buddha Bear, or 'Ico'llide with the couch and wall) unaware of things like momentum, or, his personal stopping distance on hardwood floors, he is just a happy victim in Kira's play fight attacks though he always gives her as good as he gets, eventually.

Thank you so much for giving them the love and attention that made them who they are. They fill our home with love, laughter...and a little mischief.


Scott and Dede

Mount Airy, MD


October 13, 2010

Dear Jodi,

I am writing to tell you what an awesome and amazing bundle of fur our baby Kai is! He is everything one could want in a Keeshond – full of personality, exuberance for life and a lovely appearance. Kai is perfect in every way.

Twelve years ago, for the first time, we were fortunate enough to be “owned” by a Keeshond. We still have he and love her more then you can imagine. We always knew we would add another Keesie to our family, but could never find a breeder that measured up to our selective standards. Kiki has set the bar very, very high.

And, then, we met you!! Your dogs are beautiful and lively. Their appearance so closely resembles that of Kiki’s – the most agreeable true Keeshond shape and size. Your dogs are healthy and happy and much loved. They all have so much spirit. Those qualities are important to us and it had been the greatest pleasure to get to know you and your dogs and discover that you too share our philosophy of raising and breeding quality Keeshonden.

Looking back, I think the happiest days we have had in years were the afternoons we spent at your home and in your back yard playing with your puppies and your adult dogs.

Kia is the easiest, most acclimated puppy we have ever had. David and I truly believe that special part of his personality is attributable to all the love and hands-on care that your puppies received from you and your daughter.

One day down the road we plan to add another one of your little Keesies to our pet family. Your puppies, your ethics, your breeding standards, everything you do is impeccable and forthright. We are very much appreciative.

Kia’s colors have been changing now that he is almost 12 weeks old. He is getting a lot more silver and his face is dark, especially around his nose. He is adorable! I’ll send you pictures and bring him for a visit now and again so you, too, can marvel at the way he is maturing.

Thanks for everything!


Highland, MD


October 12, 2010

Jodi had an ad online, so I e-mailed her just to get some information. What impressed me was how quickly she responded to my e-mails. Jodi sent me a lot of information about the breed and answered many questions that I had. We purchased our keeshond from Jodi in July of 2010, went for a visit in the beginning of September of 2010 and three weeks later in September my husband went back to Maryland to pick her up. Penelope is now ten weeks old and doing wonderful. Penelope is the princess of the house and is a great fit amongst the other three dogs that we have! Penelope is very smart, is currently crate training at night, has learned to sit, lay down, and is already trying to sit up like the boys. Penelope was from a litter of eight puppies. Jodi made sure that all of the puppies were going to very good homes.

When my husband Stan and I went to look at Jodi's puppies, they were clean and healthy. We were able to see his mother and father of the litter. I could see that Jodi and her family love their dogs. They were very well taken care of and were kept in a clean environment.

When we picked Penelope out she was still too little to come home with us. Jodi sent us weekly pictures and weights of her until we could come back to pick her up. My husband arrived to pick up Penelope; she had her papers, food, vaccinations, etc. all ready to go.

We had Penelope checked out by our veterinarian after we got her home and she was a healthy puppy! The veterinarian was very impressed with the paperwork that Jodi had given us. The booklet was neat and orderly. Jodi and I have kept in touch with us and she has asked how Penelope is doing. She truly cares about her dogs. I love sending her photos since I have two other Keeshonds that are eight years old and a Leonberger who is three years old.

I would highly recommended Jodi and her keeshonds. We absolutely adore Penelope and spoil her. If you are looking for a keeshond we would recommend Jodi and would gladly answer anyone’s questions via email.

Stan & Tricia

Colchester, CT


July 2010

Recently I had the pleasure of acquiring one of Jodi's puppies. Everything was either done online or on the phone as we had never met. Jodi made me feel extremely comfortable, as we both have that common love of this breed. When I arrived at her home, I was greeted by her Keeshonds, all were well taken care of, you could see that the minute you stepped into her house. In her backyard was a bundle of puppies running and playing and having a wonderful time. I saw my Kallie girl and immediately fell in love. When we got back home we had already scheduled a vet appt. and Kallie checked out perfectly healthy. I just knew as soon as I saw all the puppies that I came to the right breeder for my newest addition. Please do not hesitate to call and speak with Jodi, she is knowledgeable of the breed and very caring. I would definitely get another keeshond from her.

Cyndi Clingerman Clingmey Keeshonden

Monroeville, NJ


May 2009

Hi Jodi,

Just wanted to let you know that Dillon is adjusting really well

He is just the sweetest little thing. He is so calm compared to Lainey! Thank you for raising such a great puppy. I swear he is close to being housebroken already.

I will send pictures soon.

Thanks again!


Pleasant Gap, PA


May 2009

Hello Jodi!

Well, Koru's 11 weeks and shining. Wherever we take him he is the star of the show - so well behaved and sociable, both with other people and dogs. I've given your contact information to at least three people, all of whom saw Koru and either decided that Keeshonds were the dogs for them or had heard of the breed and figured now was the time.

Koru has become my little baby - he's absolutely incredible and such a wonderful part of our family :)

Again, thank you thank you thank you for creating such an amazing creature.


Ithaca, NY


May 2009

Hi Jodi!

Thought I'd send a quick email to let you know how things are going.

Dmitri is doing wonderfully; he's very happy and playful. He and our Siberian, Minka are becoming fast friends, and they enjoying romping in the backyard. He has taken a special liking to one of our kitties, Sinestra, and they play together all the time. Dmitri and Sinestra are practically inseperable, they really love each other. Our other kitties are very comfortable around him, and routinely sleep just inches away from him.

We love him more than we even though was possible. He is the most perfect addition to our lives!

Thanks a bunch,


Belleville, IL


Oct 2007


How nice to hear from you i hope your move is a positive thing and things are going well with you family. Anyway we are very happy with Kaylee(Boo) she is sooooooooooo funny and playful,(I knew by those puppy pictures and them eyebrows she was going to be a trip) I swear that her goal in life is to just have us play with her all day long, she has a basket full of toys but loves her footballs she also likes chasing golf balls and volleyballs.

Attached are some pictures I have so many. Keep in touch I hope everyone else that got their Keeshonds from you are loving them like we do.


Brownstown, MI


Dec 2007

We got a keeshond from Jodi last Dec. 15th 2007. Hudson will be a year old on Oct. 22nd and we absolutely love him! Hudson was from a litter of 7 puppies. She made sure that they were going to very good homes.

When my husband, Doug, went to look at Jodi's puppies, they were clean and healthy. We were able to see his mother and father. You could tell that Jodi loved her dogs. They were very well taken care of and were kept in a clean environment.

When we picked Hudson out he was still too little to come home with us. Jodi sent us weekly pictures of him until we could come back to get him. When we arrived to pick up Hudson, she had his papers, food, vaccinations, etc. all ready to go.

We had him checked out by our veterinarian after we got him home and he was a healthy puppy! She has kept in touch with us and has asked how Hudson was doing. She truly cares about her dogs.

I would highly recommended Jodi and her keeshonds. We absolutely love and spoil our dog Hudson. If we would ever want another keeshond, we would call Jodi!

Doug and Sharen

Newburg, IN


May 2008

Jodi was absolutely fabulous! This was the first dog for my husband and I and Jodi was so helpful and informative. The puppy we got from her is just wonderful and so smart. She was always so quick to respond to my questions and so kind in always forwarding me information I had not even thought of asking about. Working with Jodi on the transaction was seamless and it was obvious she took great care of the pup both during the time raising it as well as the extra care of having him shipped to us (we had him shipped to California). She was also very concerned and caring, checking up with me after delivery to make sure everything went smoothly, wanting us to share pictures of him

during his development (which reminds me, I need to send her a new one to show how quickly he’s growing). I would absolutely recommend Jodi and her quality of Kees. We are thinking about getting a second dog now and if we do, would without a doubt go to Jodi for another Keeshond puppy from her.


Windsor, Ca


May 2009

As a first time dog owner, Jodi was the best breeder I could have hoped for. She answered all of my ceaseless, neurotic-puppy-parent questions happily and usually within a day - if not an hour - of my asking. She referred me to a variety of resources on Keeshond health and care in addition to letting me see all the adorable pictures of previous puppies and their current happy families.

When we came to Jodi's house to pick out Koru, I was thrilled to find a home and a family that clearly loved their Kees and had taken wonderful care of the puppies. Koru himself is quite possibly the sweetest thing ever: intelligent, obedient, but with a little bit of fire in him that comes out when he plays and shows off all of his new tricks. He is incredibly loyal - just imagine the warm fuzzy feeling you'd get when you see this little bouncing blur of silver fur rushing towards you because you're its world!

I have given Jodi's name to almost a dozen people who stop me on the street to ask what breed of dog he is and awe over his beauty, obedience, and sweet nature. I would recommend her to anyone who wants a Kees, and I would recommend a Kees to anyone who's looking for a beautiful, intelligent, all-around wonderful companion.


Ithaca, NY


OCT 2007

Dear Jodi,

While I happen to think this is the best breed in the world, I also think Chaco is pretty special-and a lot of the credit goes to you and your care during his first weeks. When we came to visit weeks before he could be separated from his mother, it was obvious he had been exposed to people and had already formed an opinion that people were pluses in his life. When my daughter put him down, he sat at her feet and stared up at her, as if wondering why she'd stopped holding him. He hasn't changed that much since then!

He's happiest surrounded by people, and when I'm not on the road, he goes to work with me and snuggles under the desk. So, while he very much wants to be part of our lives, he's willing to integrate into whatever is going on at the time.

Thank you so much for your early investment in Chaco-and thank you so much for allowing us to adopt him. He is much loved!

Take care,


Bloomington, IL


OCT 2007

Hey Jodi,

Sending some pictures of Koko and an update. She's been a wonderful dog. She has a black lab on one side of our house (who comes over and cries at the window until we let Koko out to play with her) and also a golden lab on the other side of house that she plays with. We also have a cat and they get along and Koko actually will chase off the ''mean'' cat in the neighborhood that tries to start fights with our cat. I have a nephew that is 4 and Koko has played with him since we first brought her home and he has never received a scratch. We recently took her to a family picnic with over 60 people and she got along with everybody as we let her run free. She has a basket of different types of toys she plays with and recently, we bought a soft Frisbee and she loves it. Turning in to a Frisbee dog!

Hope all is well and will keep in touch.

Chris & Charlott

Brownsburg, TN


JAN 2009

Anyone considering purchasing a puppy from Jodi should definitely do so. I purchased Bailey, my Keeshond puppy, from Jodi in the beginning of this year (2009) and she is a part of my family that I couldn't replace. Jodi's puppies are beautiful and she makes the experience so much better. She sends out weekly e-mails with updates and pictures and checks up on you after receiving your puppy. She is fully trustworthy, and I couldn't imagine purchasing a beautiful Keeshond from anyone other than Jodi. She is a wonderful person with absolutely gorgeous dogs! I would recommend her to anyone and everyone.


Haleyville, AL


NOV 2008

I would recommend Jodi and her Keeshonds to anyone. Jodi keeps you well informed about the puppies from the time they are born until you get them and after. She takes lots of pictures on their growth progress and you can tell she works with them to socialize them. Our Keesha was born Sept 25, 2008 and we have had her since Thanksgiving 2008.When we picked her up Jodi also provided a bag of food to help get started. Keesha has been healthy from day 1 and we couldn't be more happy with our choice and she is well behaved and so much fun and good with kids.


Sabula, IA


February 8, 2010

To whom it may concern:

For anyone who is thinking of purchasing this breed, you couldn’t find a more informative and caring breeder.

I had been researching dogs for a few years to fit into a household with a pre-teen (who previously had been leery of dogs) and cats. Aside from being the most beautiful looking dog I had ever seen, they also are great with children, great family pets and wonderful with other animals. So this choice was a no-brainer to me.

The next challenge was finding a breeder. I am located in Long Island, New York and finding this breed was quite a challenge. Apparently they are a bit rare. After researching for a few months, I decided on Jodi and am so glad I did. Her pups are beautiful. She sends you lots of pictures weekly so you can see the progress. She invites you to visit. She will answer any questions/concerns you have while waiting for and after you get your pup.

We got our pup, Spudgy delivered to us on January 9, 2010. She is absolutely gorgeous, healthy and totally fits all the qualities that I was looking for in a pet. When she hears a child, she so excited. She greets all our visitors with kisses! Everyone that has met her (and it’s been quite a few people in the past month) absolutely love her!

Even my Vet was extremely impressed with the care the puppy had and also the packet that Jodi sends home with her pups.

If you are thinking of this breed, you must contact Jodi.

Thanks for the new family member Jodi!! And thanks for always answering my millions of questions!!!!



Long Island, New York


I met Jodi Erbe this past year when I was researching different breeds of dogs on the Internet. I became interested in the Keeshond breed because I was looking for a dog that was good with children. Jodi had an ad online, so I e-mailed her just to get some information. What impressed me most was how quickly she responded to my e-mails. She sent me a lot of information about the breed and answered many questions that I had without even knowing that I would be buying a Keeshond let alone one from her. From just a few interactions with her, I could tell that she truly loves her dogs. I believed that she wanted to place her puppies with the right people and not just sell dogs. I felt confident that she was a reputable breeder, and I felt very comfortable in making the decision to purchase a dog from her.

When I decided to buy a puppy from her, Jodi sent weekly e-mails with many pictures showing the puppies’ progress as they grew. This made the wait go so much more quickly. Although I didn’t take the opportunity to visit before bringing my puppy home, we were encouraged to come at our convenience and she was very accommodating to our schedule on the day we picked him up. She also provided us with an organized binder with all of his health records and information.

Dillon is now a year old and is just a joy to be around. He is a healthy, happy dog with such a pleasant personality. He is so patient with my four year old daughter as well as my Cocker Spaniel puppy. He became a part of our family very quickly and has been really easy to train. I think that he was so well adjusted because Jodi raises the puppies with her own family.

I would highly recommend purchasing a Keeshond from Jodi. She was so helpful in every step of the process. I couldn’t be happier with the puppy that I got from her! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


Pleasent Gap, PA


JAN 2010


Buying a puppy from you has been a terrific experience. From the first time we contacted you, you've always been so nice, and helpful. You were always ready to answer any questions we've had via email, as well as by phone. You continuously kept us updated as to how the puppies were doing, and sent us photos of each so we could see their progress for ourselves. Since getting our beautiful Kaezsa, who has grown like crazy, you have continued to answer our questions, and helped us tremendously. We certainly appreciate all you've done to help us make a decision in choosing our ''baby''. Thank you very much!

And to anybody considering adopting one of your wonderful puppies, feel free to send them this email, or have them call us personally. We will be more than happy to reassure them that buying a puppy from you will be nothing less than a great experience.

Thanks again!

Tracy and family

China Grove, NC.


July 2010

We have had Laredo now for two months and all we can say is that we’re totally in love with this puppy! He is the cutest, most adorable and loveable little boy! Laredo came from a litter of eight puppies and Jodi was very good at placing those puppies in good homes.

We live in upstate New York and drove down to look at the puppies a couple of weeks before making our pick. Jodi was right there to greet us, answer all our questions and to just let us play and romp around with all her puppies. While we were there we also got to meet the parents, who were both very beautiful, friendly and very healthy.

When we went to pick Laredo up Jodi had groomed him, she had all his paperwork, vaccination records, and food ready for our trip back.

When we took Laredo in for his first vet appointment our vet was very impressed with all the information and records that Jodi had given us. The vet gave Laredo an excellent health evaluation!

We would highly recommend Jodi as a breeder. Jodi was available all through the adoption period, all we had to do was email or call her and she would gladly answer any questions for us. She absolutely loves this breed and takes great pride in her animals. Jodi has continued to keep in touch we us on Laredo’s progress. Jodi’s puppies are raised in a family environment and are very well taken care of. We would just like to thank Jodi for raising such beautiful and healthy dogs!

Darrin & Dawn

Blossvale, NY

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