Volume Breeding

I wanted to touch on this and offer my opinion on this term as I am often referred to as a “Volume Breeder”.

Volume breeder can be a quite vague term so I would like to share my opinion on what I think this means or what it should mean.

When other breeders use this term it is meant in a derogative form. What they are trying to do is compare breeders who bred more than 1 or 2 litters a year to puppy mills. You simply cannot compare Volume Breeders to Puppy Mills, especially when your Volume Breeder does complete health testing.

They intentionally want you to associate volume breeders with poor or unethical breeding. They also want you to think it is wrong to have several litters throughout the year and although I have yet to see any of these breeders give away puppies for free, they also seem to feel it is not appropriate for other breeders to sell the puppies.

Now I have been breeding keeshonden for well over 10 years, yes I breed more than one litter a year, I purposefully breed throughout the year having litters about 4x a year. I bred with the intent to make keeshond puppies available to homes simply for the love of the breed. Anyone who knows this breed knows they are not easy to come by and more importantly they are amazing companions and family dogs. I feel such a well-rounded beautiful breed should be easier to find and more importantly easier to find from breeders who promote health as a priority.

If all the companion breeders stopped breeding today and left the breeding to only the show people you would have to wait years to get a puppy, they simply do not have enough puppies each year for the growing demand for keeshond puppies.

So yes, I breed in volume BUT I consider myself a Professional Breeder and nothing less then that. I am experienced in breeding, I am home 100% of the time with my dogs and my puppies. I do not hold a job outside of the home and leave my puppies 40-60 hours each week. I am 100% engaged in the care and upbringing of the puppies. So before anyone is so quick to judge, just think about whether you would prefer a breeder who is with the puppies all day or a breeder who raises puppies as a side gig and has very limited time to actually spend with the puppies.

Over the 10+ years I have been breeding I have had 50 litters and counting so I am extremely experienced with whelping and raising puppies. I know what to look for in newborn puppies, I know what milestones they should go through over the 8 weeks and can easily spot a puppy that may potentially have issues.

With this knowledge and experience it only makes me a better breeder and it should not, ignorantly, be viewed as a negative thing. Other breeders like to use the word “Volume Breeder” as a way to deter you from considering puppies but if you really think about it, the ethical volume breeders are far more experienced and far more knowledgeable then the average show breeder having 1 or 2 litters a year.

So please, before you make a judgement on this term fully understand what it means to be a Professional Breeder vs a breeder who also works a full time job while attempting to occasionally raise well adjusted puppies.

One of the biggest upsides to me being a Professional Breeder is the simple fact that I can provide over 300 clients who will talk openly about my puppies, their health and their temperaments.

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