I wanted to write a short explanation here as I get asked this all the time.

Please do not focus on what number on the list you are as it means nothing. I often have many people on the list waiting for a future puppy, many clients have been known to deposit up to 2 years in advance just to be assured they will have pick of the litter when they are ready for a puppy.

I also have clients who will change their mind last minute due to a financial set back or family emergency. I could go on and on with examples but wanted to really stress that once you deposit that holds your spot and I will let you know as soon as I have a puppy for you.

I often have more than one litter due so when puppies come I may have upwards of 15+ puppies so being number 28 on my list may still only be a 2-4 month wait.

When talking with me prior to depositing I normally have a good idea when you would get a puppy but that too can be inaccurate at times. Please read the “Expecting” tab.

I have times where pregnancies do not take and many other situations that I have zero control of so please understand I just will not promise anyone a specific litter or timeframe.

So much also depends on how many puppies are born and what the sexes are. Until they are born and I go through the list and offer puppies to everyone I will not know what number you will be. Please understand I just have no way of knowing how many and what sexes until they are born and without that information I just cannot tell you what litter you will get a puppy from.

When you deposit for an ERBEKEES puppy you will be holding the next spot on my list and I offer puppies in order so you will get a puppy as soon as I have one and your name is next on the list.

I also do not keep names on a waiting list without deposit. I keep far too many deposits on hand to even have the opportunity to offer puppies on a waiting list. I do require deposit to hold a spot.

Most times my wait is less than 6 months but you will need to be willing to wait. I do not have puppies for sale at all times and my litters are sold prior to birth. If you find puppies not spoken for please use great caution and research the breeder. Keeshond breeders are hard to come by and finding ones that are ethical and truly care about the breed as a whole is even harder to find. Breeders who offer full registration and do not health test or claim they do full health testing but cannot show a single CHIC certificate should be considered a red flag.

Please support the breeders who are building a strong and healthy future for the keeshond.

Thank you

ERBEKEES-KEESHONDEN 433 Gunter Hollow RD Fayetteville, TN. 37334 931-557-8884 or 814-691-4902