Keeshond Puppies for Sale


Erbekees is so excited to share with you all our newest arrivals!

August 26, 2014 Erbekees welcomed 2 solid White Keeshonden into the world.

We have a male and a female.

Keeshonden of color can be a very touchy subject and for this reason I will share my views on this.

I realize in the show world/ring and in the Keeshond Breed Standard, all White Keeshonden are considered a HUGE FLAW. For those wondering, yes I am fully aware of this fact.

It is no secret that I have been working diligently for many years to breeding as close to the standard as I can, I have been acquiring only show potential puppies as part of my future breeding program and I intend to continue with this as I personally love the look of show dogs over the average companion keeshonden you see for sale most places.

With that said, I find the White Keeshonden to be absolutely beautiful, I never in my wildest dreams ever thought I would ever have one, so I never really had to cross this bridge.

Now that I have them I simply have two choices, I can spay/neuter parents and put a rest to the white gene in my lines or I can chose to continue to breed the parents and continue to enjoy this amazing rarity. I chose the latter!

Many will say this is unethical and others will say they are a beautiful gift, a rarity and something to be cherished.

All I can say is we all enjoy the right to our own opinions.

I feel that because of the rarity and the incomparable beauty, it almost would be a shame to not continue having the White Keeshonden.

I would also like to add that all parents to the White Keeshonden puppies have AKC DNA profiles on file and I will be verifying the puppies parentage through AKC DNA testing to confirm that they are in fact offspring of the parents I have on my premises and not some random breeding.

I will be posting pictures and updates on the puppies as they grow and I will also be providing much information in the near future about the Color Keeshonden on my website. If you enjoy seeing keeshonden in general, then you may enjoy looking through my pages as they are added.

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