Many people are not comfortable with signing spay/neuter contracts but as a breeder I feel it is important to explain what the purpose of a spay/neuter contracts is and why there are certain things listed in my contract.

Many people ask the question, “Why do I register with both AKC and CKC (Continental Kennel Club)”? First I would like to clarify that all my dogs were purchased as AKC registered or came from abroad and AKC accepted the foreign pedigree into the AKC database.

I have never purchased a solely CKC registered dog and for obvious reasons I never would.

I decided to dual register all my AKC dogs with CKC after witnessing a less then ethical breeder purchase a AKC puppy, signed the spay/neuter contract but then took the Limited (Limit meaning No Breeding Rights) AKC Registration and duel registered with CKC and received full registration on the puppy and was then able to begin producing puppies and selling them through CKC with registration. This was against the signed spay/neuter contract but the contract was solely in reference to AKC and never said they could not duel register.

To protect my puppies from the same scenario I chose to become a “CKC Preferred Breeder”, that allows me to Limit the registration of all my puppies. Unless you are a CKC Preferred Breeder all your puppy registration papers are for Full Registration, which allows everyone to have breeding rights.

Being I also Microchip and include that information in the original puppy registration, I can always go back and prove the puppies were in fact sold by me and sold as Limited Registration, which prohibits breeding.

Many people do not want to sign Spay/Neuter contracts and that is understandable as the contracts can be intimidating but if you look beyond the wording and realize if you agree to spay/neuter, once your puppy is spayed/neutered then the contract basically becomes null.

Requiring spay/neuter is the only way a breeder can control the future of this breed. We all know there are good and bad breeders out there so having the option to allow only good breeders to obtain breeding rights is a privilege that all breeders have. If I do not agree with your breeding philosophy then I do not share breeding rights.

That goes to say for all breeders.

Giving breeding rights to each and every puppy buyer could wreak havoc on the future health of the Keeshonden breed. There are currently enough less then ethical breeders out there, we do not need to ad to that. It is our responsibility as breeders to ensure only the best and fully health tested puppies go on to breeding programs.

If you see a breeder offering Full Registration, this is a less then ethical breeder, it should be obvious that they are not looking at the future health of the keeshonden. Further more if they offer Full Registration and have not completed all the required health screening for this breed prior to having puppies then there is a very good chance they are selling puppies that very likely would not pass health checks.

They are allowing any puppies to be bred simply because they could care less about the breed and truly just care about getting their money.

Health testing can get very costly and many times they do not pass. I personally have spayed/neutered several dogs to date to get where I am today so I know for fact that hip dysplaisia and Patellar Luxation are common in this breed and they are even more rampant in the “common” lines that are passed about freely within the companion dogs.

So if you are not in agreement of spay/neuter contracts that certainly is your choice but know that all responsible breeders require that as part of buying a pet puppy. Breeders not asking for spay/neuter should be viewed as red flags due to the fact they are not breeding responsibly, they really do not care where the puppy goes, they want your money and could care less what happens after that.

With shelters/rescues over flowing with dogs, any reasonable person should understand the importance of spay/neuter. Trust me breeders do not want control of your puppy they just want to be assured that the dog will go to a forever home and be loved and not to a life of misery in a puppymill.

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